NEW DIAGNOSIS: tic disorder аѕ determined bу St. Louis Childrens Hospital Neurological Department. Probably Tourettes. Sһе аƖѕο һаѕ Aspergers Syndrome. Finally…wе know wһаt іt іѕ. Portia, six years οƖԁ, having tһеѕе “episodes” ѕіחсе March οf 2008. Seen a neurologist wһο іѕ waiting tο see wһаt tһе οtһеr specialist ѕауѕ аbουt һеr possibly having Aspergers Syndrome. I’m worried tһаt іt’s still seizures, ѕһе һаѕ tһеm everyday, sometimes аƖƖ day long, one rіɡһt аftеr another. Arе tһеѕе ticks, οr seizures? Worried.

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26 Responses to “Aspergers Syndrome, Tic disorder”
  1. gregorkrause says:

    I also have aspergers and my high area of interest is silent films, what’s her interest?

  2. heather1987scooter says:

    she is beautiful

  3. megorama110 says:

    Wondering what kind of diet your son went on to get rid of tics? My son has an eye thing that is sort of the same. Has sensory stuff too. I’m SURE has food sensitivities. Still investigating. I’d love to hear what you’ve had success with.

  4. kingstid says:

    I hate when bad things happen to good kids.. she is so cute… Get well sweetheart..

  5. morpheus1x says:

    looks like she has a tic reaction to unknowns. may be neurological triggers or poss micro seizures which aren’t always harmful. don’t jump the gun. she will probably grow out of it/ learn behavior mod as she gets older. keep a journal of the tic activity, time of day, stimulus, food & bev, chemicals used in the house, otc drugs. rule everything out before considering drugs. My son was dx’d with AS and food allergies. We changed his diet and his tic has gone away. at least its a cute tic!!

  6. randomboys1000 says:

    i dont have seizures or tic disorder, but i do have asperger syndrome. i am 12 and i was diagnosed with it when i was 3. trust me, it’s no fun =(

  7. paulhalo98 says:

    i agree but it might be hi pich sounds like when the little girl sed reef it was very high pich. but thers a number things it could be like tourerts, absence seizers or just tics i wish her the best .

  8. kuroneko99 says:

    Have you noticed any pattern in conversation exchanges where there might be a word or topic trigger to this behavior? Did she know what a Reef was? Is she a question-asker? Does she have inattentive-ADD? I wonder if perhaps she didn’t know what a Reef was, and “lost her place” in the dialogue b/c this was information she did not know how to react to…and her attention drifted til she “found herself” again…I think I do something similar with eye-aversion/blinking.

  9. icaleod says:

    Haha quails! So cute. Hope she’s doing fine! My sister has aspurgers, so I’m pretty curious about it and like to watch as many vids as possible relating to aspurgers. You know, it’s pretty common for aspurgers and tourettes to appear together. Any new or conclusive info on the nature of her tic disorder?

  10. kitty3309 says:

    Best wishes to her. She`s a sweetheart .

  11. ilovefilms94 says:

    I support everyone who has aspergers and tourettes. And I think they should be treated more good, because some mean people make fun of them. Keep up the great work

  12. Cherri59 says:

    My son was also diagnosed with Aspergers at age six. He doesn’t have siezures and I was unaware that was part of the symptoms.

    I have chosen not to give my son any drugs and have him in a school who has a class specifically for Asperger children. He is now 12 and is doing great. He still can’t “read” emotions on people’s faces well and worries about details for days, but that comes with the territory.

    My prayers are with you and your family. I hope you find a solution for the tick.

  13. MissLovelyLindsey says:

    Wait is it the blond one?? is it the eyes? I’m not to sure about this stuff but idk, it doesn’t seem to bad. My friend used to do that all the time, but she didn’t have anything ‘wrong’ with idk but she’s so pretty in a non creeper way(:

  14. YoungandtheRest says:

    she is super cute.. most kids her age grow out of it. I did.

  15. sweetbabynrs says:

    her eyes are kinda scary!

  16. dodge103 says:

    i have the same one, i was taking clonidine for a while but this messed up my sleeping, then i was on melatonin for sleep, then they messed up, so im not on the anymore, but my TIC’s are happening more frequently now, and every single 1 i have had since birth is coming out, im even have urges to swear :(

  17. snikyma says:

    Thanks for your comments. When they diagnosed her with Tourettes, they didn’t really explain a lot about it…they gave me a video to watch, which showed kids doing nothing like Portia does, so I’ve wondered if Tourettes was even her right diagnx. I’ve learned now though that there are other things that go along with TS. We actually live in central IL near Champaign (U of I). I had her to 6 different specialists. Finally a doc put her on Tenex and it appears to help a little with tics.

  18. jugarnaut40 says:

    i remember having a very similar if not the same kind of tic (though its not my only tic) when i was younger (and i still sometimes have them to this day). i also have AS, but i never felt as though AS was the reason, i just thought i had very mild symptoms of tourettes. i really doubt its seizures.

    also, do you still live in st. louis?

  19. aaronmonto says:

    Cute kid… hope she doesn’t have Asperger’s… that can really hurt them once they get into middle school and especially high school.

  20. BETO19701031 says:

    tienes toda la razon disculpa

  21. MRsuicide26 says:

    It does look like Absence seizure.
    She’s cute, i have the same thing and when i was younger my parents use to get pissed at me and tolled me to stop dreaming…

  22. milograamans says:

    Which of them are you referring to? They both seem normal to me — but I have Asperger’s and Tourette’s too, so how would I know?

  23. IsThisTourettes says:

    these are in my opinion tics!! with tourette syndrome you almost never have a break!! i have it and thats what it looks like to me!!

  24. BETO19701031 says:


  25. FinalFantasy51485 says:


  26. Judith Johnson says:

    My son is 5 and has been diagnosed with Aspergers as well as tic disorder NOS. His tics seem to be just random although I do think they increase in frequency when he is excited. He opens his eyes very wide and also his mouth. We are also near CU in mahomet. Would love to have another parent to talk to.

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