Tһіѕ іѕ tο ѕһοw tһе different types οf Asperger’s Syndrome. I ɡοt tһе information οff οf tһіѕ site: www.livingwithaspergers.com

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25 Responses to “Asperger’s Types”
  1. Bellsify says:

    I don’t know if you could alter it, but I cannot hear the dialogue in this at ALL! I have my computer on max as well. I was interested in watching but cannot hear.

  2. EverithingNormalhere says:

    Speack up eh.

  3. blondrose84 says:

    This has helped me alot. I believe I’d fall under Logical, Emotional and most defently Passive. But instead of to a parent, it’s towards my husband. The only I feel really truly close to, who I can confide in or feel comfortable around. I’m getting better on my Emotional, but I’m still ruled by it and I do act out…but I’m tryings.

  4. blondrose84 says:

    I agree, I had to turn up the volume as high as possible, which sux, cause whenever I get or receive a message on my IM thingy, it hurts meh ears. But I need to hears this!

  5. kylexysbiggestfan says:

    yea i know and in my previous comment i apologized for calling her a guy. the hair cut threw me off but i can totally see its a girl now.

  6. ShrivyShrivey says:

    @kylexysbiggestfan That “guy” is actually a girl, just so you know, look in her channel she says so.

  7. Wizhix says:

    oh boy…. wow wait.. oh”BOY” he ehhehehehehe ehehhe eheh

  8. kookry says:

    Complacent means eager to please. Great vid btw, very helpful =)

  9. Martyuugi88 says:

    @SirLoin21 No, I hear that high-pitched sound as well. It could be the camcorder.

  10. applesprite says:

    Hi jaydy11, thanks for the info. My son just was diagnosed with Aspberger’s and so it’s handy to know what the different types are.

  11. kylexysbiggestfan says:

    oh i’m sorry…your hair kinda makes you look like a guy….my bad….

  12. jaydy11 says:

    THANK YOU! (Speaking ot AutisticWhoLives4God) :D

  13. AutisticWhoLives4God says:


  14. kylexysbiggestfan says:

    i can barely hear what this guy is saying

  15. Cakerolled says:

    That just the ‘spurgers kicking in.

    Best thing to do it put your hands over your ears and rock back and forth.

  16. SirLoin21 says:

    When listening to this video it is barely audible, but I can hear all of it when I turn my headphones up. Does anyone else hear that high pitched sound in the background, or do I just have AS? It sounds like I have water in my ears.

  17. jaydy11 says:

    Both. What now?! Haha just messin with ya. I’m a girl sorry to confuse you

  18. iamsuperrandom says:

    Not trying to be mean…but are you a boy or a girl???

  19. sandbar3000 says:

    Thanks for the info! I am the emotional type all the way. I coul be the rule type as well. I WISH I had an REAL diagnosis. I’d get morehelp if I had one. I guess I need to have kids to get a diagnosis.

  20. Galeforce2008 says:

    It’s time for Galeforce’s Random Comment of the Day wooo! I like pie and thats the end of Galeforce’s Random Comment of the Day wooo!

  21. jaydy11 says:

    sorry I recommend headphones.. or a desktop computer with speakers that can go loud..

  22. luky7s says:

    I can’t hear a thing
    The video looks interesting too but I can’t understand it

  23. absolumentpas says:

    wow thankyou

  24. jaydy11 says:

    sorry, try headphones? It’s the mic on my computer it sucks =

  25. movingzachb says:

    volume too low on this video – i cannot hear it, even with my volume maxed its barely audible

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