noah discussing aspergers аחԁ differences wіtһ neurotypical behavior, personal experiences аחԁ explanations. i јυѕt woke up аftеr 4 hours sleep ѕο i аm חοt completely awake.

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25 Responses to “aspergers versus you”
  1. TheKillerKlok says:

    Aspie score 150…
    not that hard to diagnose really…

  2. SRNF says:

    honesty is a great idea for urself. I do the same thing and im bi-polar. It helps keep you sane, good job bud.

  3. romanovdb says:

    Einstein had aspergers he’s not the only one !never seen “the aviator” with leonardo decaprio? roll a big joint watch the movie lots of fun

  4. region1111 says:

    Good job! :-D

  5. toyy7675 says:

    That is all random and depending on the person.

  6. champagnevoluptuous says:

    I understand completely what you mean on all that you say. One woman (‘higher up”) at work called me “kiddo” & patted me on the back or head one time, I don’t remember. But I feel the same as you on that concept. People shouldn’t think that you’re like a dog or child; they should treat you like the intelligent and mature-thinking person you are. I like your glasses, and wow, is that a snake in the background? I kept staring at the snake the whole time. LOL… It freaked me out.

  7. Beechmiester90 says:

    True but not to the degree that Aspies do.

  8. beatityatube says:

    Your an Aspie. That also is my score. :-)

  9. pisces196949 says:

    I totally agree.

  10. falmsilm says:

    I tried the aspie test on Google and my score is 41

  11. HappyHolidays2All says:

    Just because you have those traits doesn’t mean you have Aspergers. It’s maybe just part of your personality. Everyone gets nervous when meeting new people.

  12. ghodium says:

    interesting perspective, i’m AS, i never particularly got into pot smoking but, apart from the boozin rockers, it was the pot smokers who befriended me

  13. Ultravideoslave says:

    Your wrong about that last bit. In my mind ppl with AS are kinda like pot smokers we get looked at as we don’t fit in society same problem for pot smokers.
    And some ppl like your self believe that pot smokers are murders no they just have a diffrent prespective of life same as someone with AS.

  14. Ultravideoslave says:

    Yea I get that. I actually enjoy being hugged by friends especially if its a girl I even enjoy man hugs.
    I think I might be bi sexual or somthing becuase I have AS.

  15. beatityatube says:

    I hate people not of my close family touching me. I can’t stand friends of the family wanting to hug me around holiday time. Too close, and I don’t want that kind of intimacy, know what I mean? I prefer the British approach of shaking hands and standing several feet away from the person. :-)

  16. beatityatube says:

    Indeed lancetop. Google the Aspie Test and see how you do on it. First glance I’d say you could be mild Aspie. Empathy is a funny one though, how do you really know what empathy is and how do you measure it as compared to others.

  17. beatityatube says:

    Not true!

  18. psykodelia says:

    One other thing to mention regarding what the person said in the video about not being able to tell a normal person from a person with Asperger’s just by looking… WRONG. You can, but you have to already know what to see. A person with Asperger’s generally has a blank and almost expressionless look in their eyes and tries not to make constant eye contact.

  19. psykodelia says:

    Asperger’s isn’t necessarily abnormal per se unless you exhibit excessively abnormal traits that even a person not having Asperger’s might have such as extreme sexual deviance, constant violent outbursts or serial killer tendencies, total lack of empathy or emotion, etc.

  20. cht94928 says:

    Anyone who has AS should realize that they aren’t abnormal, just different. Everyone in the world is unique, AS is just a title for what makes you different and more close behavior wise to other AS people than NT people. It’s OK to be different! Don’t make excuses for your differences, embrace them.

  21. huffandpoot says:

    this whole idea of people having asperger’s is simply bull-shit.

  22. cosmanthony21 says:

    “those with the gold make the rules” What that means, is the ones with money have the power to say what is normal, themselves, and what is not normal, those without that power.

  23. lancetop says:

    I think I have Aspergers, but I’m empathetic toward people. I would love to have friends but I’m so anxious around people that I blurt things out that don’t make sense. But I’m above average in intelligence. I guess we all have different levels of the disorder. Lance in beautiful Bremerton, Washington

  24. thojoh370 says:

    Yeah, I agree. I got my diagnose in November 2007 – a week or so before I turned 15. So here I am, thinking my life sucks.

    Wouldn’t there just be a pill that could end this? :/

  25. Ultravideoslave says:

    I have Aspergers and I actually like being patted on the back.

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