UPDATE: I took tһе test again аחԁ come tο find out mу tendencies һаνе gotten a bit more severe considering I scored a 50/50. Tһеח again I’ve bееח re-diagnosed аѕ having Severe Asperger’s Syndrome. Tһіѕ іѕ called аח AQ test, here’s tһе link: www.wired.com

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25 Responses to “Asperger’s/Autism severity test”
  1. AussieMattOo says:

    i got 29 what does that mean????

  2. AussieMattOo says:

    fuck i got 29 mild?

  3. DakotaHayden says:

    thank you so much for this website! i got 43. i already knew i had aspergers, but it was very interesting to test myself anyway!

  4. negativethoughts says:

    i got 42 im 23 and never considered it before! :o idk wtf!
    even tried retaking it and attempting to lower result, got 39 and 40.wtf!
    could it be wrong? i keep getting nearly the same result!

  5. brlaranjo says:

    I got a 38 what does that mean?

  6. Largestina says:

    I got a 43.
    I was never diagnosed with Aspergers.
    Is it pretty definite that I have it?

  7. psychiaTree says:

    37! This test might be a little biased towards males. One of my first “special interests” was fiction, which is pretty common for aspie girls. I also love languages, maps, and planning travel routes! Numbers and dates, not so much.

  8. streakofpiss says:

    @EverithingNormalhere This is exactly like me. I scored 33.

  9. snoopysfavperson says:

    i got a 35 and I have known i have aspergers autism I took the quiz to see if it was accurate and I can say it works.

  10. Ape65 says:

    26 but who gives a shit

  11. 11pouncey11 says:

    i took the test once got 41 then i reread the stuff and i misunderstood some questions then got 43 so how about that?

  12. 11pouncey11 says:

    @UltimateShinigami its getting milder. i was diagfnosed with HFA as a kid and i scored 41.

  13. 11pouncey11 says:

    @fourtwentymuleteam aww i got 41

  14. 11pouncey11 says:

    I got 41.

  15. motleyprism says:

    I always get a 35.

  16. fourtwentymuleteam says:

    47. I know what it means. All too well.

  17. EverithingNormalhere says:

    and i’m too poor to afford a psycologist and i’m from mexico.

  18. EverithingNormalhere says:

    31 points.
    I strongly believe that I don’t have aspergers but my behavior is often described as “funny”, “erratic”, “weird”, “unusual” or “Do you see anyone around here doing that? Then STOP IT!”
    I also share some symptoms but that’s all.

  19. theknowitalljoe01 says:

    I scored a 30.

  20. bltube33 says:

    I scored 37 and i am awaiting a proper diagnosis from a psychiatrist. I also have dyslexia and generalized anxiety disorder does any one else have these as well as asperger’s ?

  21. UltimateShinigami says:

    I was diagnosed with aspergers as a child, and I’m terrible in social situations and conversations, but I took the test and my score was 26. what does this mean?

  22. fudge867 says:

    i scored 38

  23. ahmadomusic says:

    I took this test a while ago and scored 40. Don’t think I’ve changed much from back then.

  24. Healthypig1423 says:

    I scored a 9. I suppose that means that I don’t have aspergers.

  25. pariboo11 says:

    I love tests. Not at all compulsively, just can’t not take them.
    Score was 30.

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