Pаrt one tһе early years

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8 Responses to “Aspergianstar2009 presents renee racine school life Autism”
  1. YetAnotherRand0mSock says:

    @DChatc Such cowardly commenting.

  2. DChatc says:

    Boy, how times have changed..

  3. DChatc says:

    BTW: The sitting on your shoulders thing, that happened to me when I was six, getting evaluated for my diagnosis after a disaster of a first semester.

    I naturally freaked out, and eventually the other expert there told the woman doing this to stop…

  4. DChatc says:

    The worst is how the system is complacent to the scum of the Earth to the point where if you defend yourself YOU will get into trouble, whilst the actual malcontents are just accepted as an inevitability of life like inclement weather.

    I myself am constantly tiptoeing because of feudes with certain trolls (particularly this one relentless group), because though they were talking shit all this time, I might get suspended just because of some isolated incident of sarcasm or whatever. >:[

  5. DChatc says:

    I am aghast at this meme that is continually promulgating everywhere about a supposed “Asperger’s Scam”. Everywhere I go were Aspergers is being discussed there is always some dickhead going on about how “he’s faking it” or “he doesn’t have Asperger’s, he’s just a spoiled brat” or “he just wants to blame all his problems on a disease and not work” (regardless the person’s actual employment status) and on and on.

    Aren’t trolls tired of using THAT old, long discredited accusation already?

  6. pjfislord says:

    you should do more aspie interviews. Very nice.

  7. okuma0kuma says:

    the brawner who is praised and influenced by the others to be badass
    the bitch which influence the gang to bundle after victim down
    the shitsteerer which set up the bully events
    the poser that influence hierarchy of class
    the jester that taunts the victim as they get bundled
    the thief usually the silent one which raids the victims possessions
    the prankster that raise moral up with the pack sometimes junky suppler of refreshments
    combine them all together and you get the stereo typical bully pack

  8. 11pouncey11 says:

    the beginning is kind of funny.

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