Well tһіѕ rant basically points out аbουt football аחԁ societies perception οf іf уου аrе חοt іחtο іt һοw уου аrе. AƖѕο muslims аחԁ tһе veil. Aspergers οח TV аחԁ рοрυƖаr shows. Peoples attitudes аחԁ beliefs аbουt Aspergers

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7 Responses to “AspergianStars Rant for Today 5 July 2009”
  1. zenangel924 says:

    Recommended book for the AS people on the issue of normal:

    ‘Passing as Human in Freak Nation: How I Discovered that No One is Normal’

    Dr Dawn Prince-Hughes

    to be published Dec 2009 or sometime in 2010

  2. zenangel924 says:

    Me too, made my day this video.

  3. zenangel924 says:

    It’s not impossible and it will come.

  4. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Loads of gays get away with it cause society knows not to push them around. Gays have stood up and been counted and finally society has had to accept they are different. I wish Aspies could do the same, but like with gays it is a slow process

  5. CactusRose33 says:

    I don’t know why but I laughed a lot during this video, cuz its so true!


    It always reminds me of a saying, ‘it is not what you do but the way that you do it!’

    Some people can do things and dress in certain ways that society usually frowns upon and it is accept, but if we try it…then, you know, we’ll get the piss taken out of us.


    ‘What is normal?’

    It does depend on societies definition but also notice that some people can dress like women and get away with it – women too! You’ve seen famous people who’ve done it! The reason why they are accepted is how they do it. It is how you wear it.

    If you feel embarrassed and paranoid about wearing dresses and having long hair you will attract more attention from bullies. But it is the way the person acts. Not everyone will accept it.

    Anyway… *****! Great video!

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