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19 Responses to “Assburger Reviews – Growl”
  1. dingdongdirtbag says:

    Damn greasy wickens!

  2. Jiggacake says:

    saving animals and beating the shit out of women

  3. littlegreengamer says:

    i wish i could give this more than five stars! this has to be my #1 favorite assburger review. i now have more respect for the noble poachers of the world who work day and night to bring us tasty animal fat for dinner. yum!

    i reached my commenting limit, so before i could type anything, this site made me type a word i could swear i wrote on one of my spelling tests ’cause of my assburger’s.

  4. Loader2K1 says:

    That would be Thomas from Kung Fu (a.k.a. Spartan X).

  5. MyAssHasWorms says:

    It might be, I was too scared to ask.

  6. devil968348 says:

    dude thats the best and the funniest review i ever saw.^^
    thumbs up
    btw the guy who kicks the plane is chuck norris? xD

  7. MyAssHasWorms says:

    thanks dude

  8. Loader2K1 says:

    Your hillbilly accent is hilarious.

    “The guy you play as is kind off an asshole!”
    “Sometimes, I walk around with my penis hangin’ out of my pants, hopin’ that anything female will touch it!”
    “My scrotum must be very old, ’cause it’s covered in wrinkles!”

    This shit sounds hilarious in your exaggerated hillbilly voice.

  9. MyAssHasWorms says:

    Thanks dude, I was just messing with ya anyway.

  10. DiabloDave363 says:

    no, ur an aspie r u not? well if so, y the fuck r u makin fun of ur own kind? but ur vid is mighty fine. well edited by the way.

  11. MyAssHasWorms says:

    Shut up.

  12. DiabloDave363 says:

    ur spelling ur disorder wrong. its aspergers. i thought all aspies knew that

  13. figment1988 says:

    looks like i’m not the only one who noticed.

  14. hallucifuge says:

    “mah scrotum must be very old, cuz it’s covered in wrinkles!!!”


  15. llVIU says:

    Vote MyAssHasWorms for president

    Rated and commented

  16. Moth366 says:

    Your pronunciation of “graphics” gets me every time. XD

  17. MyAssHasWorms says:

    They should be poaching me some eggs, not doing man’s work. FEMINISM!!!!

  18. thegaminggoose says:

    Apparently, female poachers wear really short skirts.

  19. CastlevaniaMoogle says:

    Damn! Nice effects! Looks like a good beat-’em-up!

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