Augusten Burroughs interviews һіѕ older Aspergian brother, John Elder Robison, аbουt һіѕ upcoming memoir, LOOK ME IN THE EYE. Fοr more, check out

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25 Responses to “Augusten Burroughs and John Elder Robison”
  1. Gameboykd says:

    @murmur5555 go look it up on wikipedia and read the book you dipstick

  2. 999nuni says:

    by the way murmur5555, how do you know so much about it?…let me reiterate that you are obviously confused and hostile…but i’d like to hear you idiot thought about this…flag me all you like!!

  3. 999nuni says:

    sweetie you are a moron!!!!

  4. 999nuni says:

    you are a moron

  5. 999nuni says:

    @murmur5555 fuck you, moron!!!

  6. murmur5555 says:


  7. 3G4life1990 says:

    I agree with you John. Alot of people have called me a retard because they have heard i was high functioning autistic, aspergers

  8. leeleeann100 says:

    Going to have to check this book out. My son was diagnosed with aspergers about a year ago, and I still have no clue what his adult life is going to be like. Things have been quite difficult on him. It can be hard when people just don’t understand things like autism, and without understanding people can be unintentionally cruel.

  9. FelixFelisis says:


  10. TheForthcoming1 says:

    Great video John! I might have aspergers too.

    I read Look me ine the eye and it was a great book. Take care and God bless.

  11. Museegirl0018 says:

    @murmur5555 It’s not a disease. It’s a condition, stupid.

  12. murmur5555 says:

    Find a cure. Asperger’s is a disease. It can be very dangerous for other people. It’s not something to be proud of. Don’t reproduce.

  13. AdamMichaelMercer says:

    fuck you asshole!!!

  14. ladySEGOVIA says:


  15. LiquidPete2099 says:

    Wow, his impressions of his brother are dead on!

  16. sugarrayofsunshine says:

    I’ve read all of augustens books and his brother is just like my son. It is frightening to have a small child who are like calculators. Who love anything to do with numbers or letters…..

  17. 1flylikeaneagle1 says:

    This was an awesome book!!!! could not put it down!!

  18. Antiks72 says:

    Assburger’s syndrome

  19. LemonOdette says:

    this is hilarious lol

    i don’t think all aspies do well though i’m a total loser, it’s a great book though

  20. gossman666 says:

    Woof. Lmao. I love these two guys.

  21. ateras360 says:

    Oh yeah I can’t look people in the eye when I talk to them eother and i have been accused of lying because I can’t.
    Plus in my previous post I spelled and myself wrong. Sorry I was at work when I posted that and had other things on my mind.
    Rad this book it is awesome!
    “Woof” LOL

  22. ateras360 says:

    My 11 year old son has Asperger’s Syndrome.
    I read “Look me in the eye” and realized I probably have it too.
    I like seclusion I’m a Corporate Account Manager for a fortune 500 company ans I keep to myselg alot and I freak out in crowds and get aggresive.
    “Woof” LOL

  23. LGascco says:

    The BEST DAMN BOOK I EVER READ. Thank you!

  24. k013c says:

    Augusten’s books are awesome. I especially loved the sections about his brother because he is hilarious. I love when his brother John woof’s at the end haha!

  25. onlyid says:

    Love this book and recommend it for anyone whether you know someone with asperger’s (you probably do, even if you don’t think you do) or not. It is dark at times, sad at times. and really freakin funny at times – just like real life for us all. Excellent story telling and an amazing insight into the world of asperger’s

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