Iח tһіѕ segment frοm аח Australian daytime talk ѕһοw a doctor discusses Aspergers Syndrome, a form οf autism.

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26 Responses to “Australian doctor discusses Asperger’s Syndrome”
  1. Isisbridge says:

    I wish they wouldn’t talk about “symptoms” as though it’s some kind of illness.
    And people aren’t born with it: it’s the way they develop.

  2. PunkStar6661 says:

    Is it beneficial to confirm if you have Asperger’s or not? I mean I think I have it myself.

  3. brismike65 says:

    @impactplayer09 spot on we interpret things different sometimes

  4. 9ORGAZMO6 says:

    @hhhiitt I agree. She’s talking bullshit. But say, I don’t understand what shy is. My sister tried to explain what it is but I simply don’t get it. I think it’s being embarrassed but that’s another emotion. I do get confused.

  5. impactplayer09 says:

    No – her point there was that it is a symptom of Asperger’s that a person may interpret things literally. Granted, she probably did use an extreme example.

  6. NateSean says:

    Well for one she seems to think people with Asperger’s are complete idiots for one. “If you tell someone with Asperger’s to “Get lost” they may try to “get lost”.

  7. mbncd says:

    Right, it isn’t a disease and it is a condition, that’s what I was saying.

    Sorry for the double postage sort of thing, my YouTube mail stuffing up and the way I see comments confuddled me into thinking “@mbncd isnt it a condition lmao” was a new comment response…

  8. austin6229 says:

    but i dont think its a disease man some lady said i have it and u cant catch it lol i think its a mental condition.

  9. mbncd says:

    @austin6229 I don’t know why you say it isn’t a condition. A condition is simply an illness, disease, or other medical, mental, physical or otherwise state. For example “She is in good condition for tomorrow’s marathon,” or, “His heart condition is getting worse.”

    Note that I’m not saying it is a disease as condition covers many possibilities aside from that.

  10. mbncd says:

    A condition can be many things, one of which is a disease, but a disease itself is a specific group of things that Aspergers does not fall into, as she explains. However, contradicting herself like that is amusing.

  11. austin6229 says:

    @mbncd isnt it a condition lmao

  12. mbncd says:

    It’s weird how she calls it a disease than says why it isn’t a disease.

  13. Nickolaz19 says:

    Im 20 year old black male with asperger’s and its not no fucking disease this crazy cow don’t no wat shes talking about.

  14. dizzymisslizzylane says:

    A NOTE TO EVERYONE WHO BOTHERS TO WATCH THIS FOR DIAGNOSTIC REASONS: Don’t take anything this woman says literally! How little she knows about aspergers is shown by the fact that she can’t pronounce it and classifies it as a ‘disease’. Go watch a few videos by people who have it, instead. All aspergers is different – there are many spectrums. Don’t take the word of a doctor or psychiatrist on it because it’s one of the most mis-understood things!

  15. dizzymisslizzylane says:


    Umm who says people with aspergers can’t go on dates with girls and go to college? It’s not an illness, it’s a condition. An illness is something you become very ILL from.
    Don’t knock Aussies, not cool.

  16. dizzymisslizzylane says:

    Yeah exactly, nor do I take things that literally! There’s all different spectrums not only of Autism but also Aspergers. Sounds like you and I are pretty ‘high functioning’… the people who take things literally are much more severe cases, though I’ve got to say I’ve never met a person with aspergers who takes things THAT literally. I agree with everything you said – Aspergers do communicate in their own way.

  17. dizzymisslizzylane says:

    Actually it is asp-ber-Gers. The man who discovered it was Austrian. I am Austrian and I also have aspergers – Asperger is a common Austrian name and it’s pronounced with the G sound not J.

  18. dizzymisslizzylane says:

    How could you!?

  19. asperger15 says:

    and some people think there is no increase, we just diagnose better

  20. asperger15 says:

    aspergers was DISCOVERED 50 years ago (and wasn’t public knowledge til 15 years ago), 500 years ago people didn’t know what lightning, or microbes were either

  21. asperger15 says:

    I know, there’s a difference between doing whatever someone tells you and taking things litterally, an idiom would be a better example, like ‘you can’t have cake and eat it too’ that one might make sense

  22. asperger15 says:

    yeah, it almost made me not bother with finishing the vid, if anything shows how much she knows I think that would be it

  23. wirtlo says:

    ‘disease: something you can catch and cure.’

    That is a rather interesting and different idea of ‘disease’ than the one in my mind. You can’t catch arthritis. You can’t cure AIDs. You can’t catch diabetes or cure it. I’d call those all diseases.

  24. ScottTheAtheist says:

    …its not a disease…

  25. green5562 says:

    Wow theres an aspergers day? o_o

  26. Happy to report that there are people all over the world care about the autism recovery.

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