potential reasons fοr tһе epidemic οf neurological diseases іח America

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25 Responses to “Autism & Alzheimer’s”
  1. akatamaarse says:

    Not caused by environmental factors that are common to everyone, so it becomes an meaningless assertion. Puhlease. Not true that traditional societies have any less Alzheimer’s, except that they do not live as long in the main to get to an Alzheimer age. So glad that you’ve figured it all out, but the thousands of scientists and healthcare workers working on this around the world haven’t a clue. When you getting your Nobel?

  2. akatamaarse says:

    Caused by vaccines my ass, you idiot.

  3. pieater53 says:

    how about under arm deodorant?

  4. MindofaJedi says:

    Autism is usually caused by vaccination period . Amish kids rarely get vaccines , so they almost never get Autism . Vaccines contain Aluminum , phenol , formaldehyde , and some actually still contain thimerosal . I think the increase in these disorders is caused by a combination of flouride in the water , vaccination , mercury fillings in teeth , the sheer number of drugs the average person takes during their lifetime , and fast food .

  5. Profits2008 says:

    DENMARK FOREVER!! :D Im so proud right now..

  6. MrWinston1984 says:

    Me is intellegant!

  7. saberliner14 says:

    It seems as though you have made the assumption that our government cares about us.
    check out the movies “wake up call” “zeitgeist” and “the obama deception”

  8. crazeh says:

    margarine is hydrogenated fat. Impossible to not have trans-fat. “Trans fat free” is a marketing myth to sell the junk.

  9. aspieresearchmom says:

    Wow, you made some pretty valid predictions there about cause and effect. Now we have HFCS as a mercurial cause. The government really has to step up to the plate after the Bush Admin.

  10. HigherPlanes says:

    Sorry about that. I thought you were replying to the video itself. I never say HarleyMeyer’s message, but I totally agree with you.

  11. whitneypuppy says:

    I was replying to HarleyMeyer’s comment in case there was any confusion; his message has been significantly rated poorly, meaning it might not have displayed his comment first. I wasn’t responding to the video itself. Either way, telling someone in a Youtube comment over the internet that you have “rare analytical reasoning skills” is extremely out of place. It makes the rest of the message a bit of a joke. I hope you can agree for the sake of agreement, but either way, I enjoyed laughing :)

  12. HigherPlanes says:

    That’s your opinion buddy.

  13. whitneypuppy says:

    You’re new to the internet, aren’t you? Telling people you’re intelligent doesn’t further your argument whatsoever; in fact, it generally destroys your own credibility.

  14. songcovers says:

    I have just found that apparently margarine in Australia has been free of trans fat since 1996. Ooh yeh baby!!!

  15. ebowen08 says:

    . I’ll be sure to right back if that changes, I happen to be researching this right now. So…PLEASE get your facts from the real people. Try the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

  16. ebowen08 says:

    Yes, there is an environmental factor involved with the increase of autism, there is an environmental factor in everything, that’s the point of the nature/nurture debate. IT’S BOTH!! But the problem is not all environmental, and it’s not all vacines. There MAY BE a susceptible group that the mercury levels effect, but not a large percentage at all. And I have yet to find any research connecting Alzheimer’s to autism.

  17. ebowen08 says:

    Okay, first of all I would like to point out that this man has ZERO training with autism, or anything medical for that matter. I am also going to go ahead and guess that he has maybe seen a kid in the store with autism, but that’s about it. If You do some actual research, you know medical articles, studies, work with children with autism, etc, you would know that he’s ignorant about this topic.

  18. FynFlyte says:

    You make some great points in this vid. I have known for a long time that autism and alzheimers are the same disease, both caused by environmental toxins and a genetic predisposition to being unable to excrete these toxins from the body. Both these illnesses are caused by vaccines. The flu vaccine given to the elderly, pregnant women and infants is loaded with mercury. Mercury is still in many childhood vaccines. I am so happy that more people are finally speaking the truth about these diseases.

  19. choorijamadar says:

    AWSOME vid!!!…..could autism also be the cause of older mothers??…or is this strictly something from wat u eat and the invironment that ur in?…..coz also wats changed in the us is mothers who r ALOT older frm b4.

  20. vagabondsteve says:

    Thanks for giving power back to the people! Your videos are empowering. It seems the more “advanced” our society becomes, our health suffers proportionately. Returning to a simple diet of fruits, nuts, veggies, & pure water cures a multitude of ailments. Could you make a video about about a common argument that modern man lives longer & healthier than his tribal ancestors.

  21. REALGREYBLUE says:

    It does seem when a new med comes out alot end up suddenly needs it. I heard that if we clean off the lypofusia from the neorins of our brain most problems will go away. IP6 is suppost to good for us too. Seems maybe certain herbs can help. Also I think that certain doctors are geting paid to diagnose everyone and give scrip[ts etc. It’s a shame that certain fruits and veggies can cure things a pill never will. I think we need to always get a second opinion and seek alternative healing sources.

  22. nibelungensohn says:

    While I agree with much of what you said, I think the increased number of cases of autism is at least partially the result of an increased sophistication in diagnosis. Secondly, personally, I do not consider autism as a disorder at all.

  23. HarleyMeyer says:

    First of all I want to thank you for your reply. I am not basing my comment on popular theory. I have a high I.Q. and rare analytical reasoning skills – some would say one of the smartest people in the world. So this is my thinking. However, I am not discounting evironmental (especially food addatives) factors that may accelerate the frequency of autism births. But the key factos is what I stated previously. Change in social norms. Have a good day.

  24. lorax2013 says:

    That’s the popular theory everyone would like to believe. Not surprising that it gets repeated constantly in the media as absolute truth despite the lack of evidence.

  25. HarleyMeyer says:

    Well you have it half right. Autism is genetic and that is why it is more prevolent. The growth is due to money – geeks – and babies. Real simple.

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