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7 Responses to “Autism and Asberger’s CAN be cured! Part 2 of 2”
  1. bi0drainx says:

    The way is this is going to be cured is with Much deeper medical imaging, then you fly to a foreign country for stem cell treatements to repair pathways and oxygenation issues,

    for me, and the way I look at it the voodoo hex must go.

  2. Believeinjesus34 says:

    your awesome/cute keep up the brillance

  3. JenLC262 says:

    I can definitely understand your point of view, but what happens when children do not receive vaccinations. Think back to the early 1800′s-1900′s when children would die of childhood diseases. The vaccinations offer many benefits.

  4. Aegan15 says:


    The connection between mercury and autism is no joke. my aunt used to work for “head start”, an organization for orphan children that helped the underprivelaged ones get further in life.

    Listen they gave the kids tuna sandwiches like everyday. The difference in IQ,EQ and autism prevalence is disgusting. its fucked. Do you know about flouride, aspartame etc? Have you ever seen the movie zietgeist or the movie esoteric agenda?Its no longer conspiracy theory its conspiracy reality.

  5. yllekeener says:

    I have researched a fair amount on zappers and even met a person who said it literally pulled her out of autism. i wasn’t convinced completely though -it seemed a little “too good to be true” and hard to understand in laymen’s terms

  6. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    Great information you share in this video ★★★★★
    Mercury poisoning symptoms include, “…sensory impairment (vision, hearing, speech), disturbed sensation and a lack of coordination…”
    “…Mercury poisoning symptoms are systemic. This means…it affects every system in the body…”
    Autism symptoms, “…symptoms of high level autism may include irregularities with coordination and motor skills…” “Speech and language absence or delays.”…Abnormal senses such as sight, hearing, balance…”

  7. Aegan15 says:


    research Neuro-Bio-feedback & radionics. These are real cures that have been suppressed by MSM for way too long. is a great source to start. their catch phrase is quite brilliant, to educate not medicate.

    After your done with that check out zappers and orgone ( wilhelm reich). these are basically simple ways to cure all diseases

    if your still curious check out Ayahuasca- natures most powerful medicine and now the most illegel drug on earth?? DMT is key

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