Autism аחԁ Aspergers Awareness Video, shows tһе impact Autism οr ASD (autistic Spectrum Disorder)саח һаνе οח someone.

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25 Responses to “Autism and Aspergers Awareness”
  1. KellyAnneBoulton says:

    this is a really good video it explains alot i love it well done :)

  2. ftm1973ftm says:

    50% of all people are above average intelligence! Hence… average!
    I like the ignorance quote.)

    50% are above average, which leaves the rest either average or below average. Do you even understand what an average is Elemarth and how does it feel having an Aspie point out how stupid you have made yourself look. Mathematics is interesting, you should try using it sometimes. FTM.

  3. Elemarth says:

    50% of all people are above average intelligence! Hence… average!
    I like the ignorance quote.
    I absolutely don’t believe the figures about how many people had autism ten years ago. I mean, how on earth do we know? It wasn’t being properly diagnosed.
    The acrostic for autim (always unique…) is perfect.

  4. cm2dude says:

    Put two and two together, and use some logic.

    Himmler was: Autistic and Screwed Up.

    Jeffrey Dahmer was: Autistic and Screwed Up.

    Hitler: Believed to have been Autistic, and really screwed up.

    I’m noticing a trend.

  5. MultiSnooty says:

    Jeffrey Dahmer was totally evil and screwed up

  6. jebus0000000 says:

    There is no such a thing as Asperers! It;s all made up!

  7. cm2dude says:

    Hitler is also believed to have been autistic.

  8. dbspin says:

    Hitler was a vegetarian. What’s your point?

  9. cm2dude says:

    Weren’t Heinrich Himmler and Jeffrey Dahmer autistic?

  10. militaryqt says:

    it’s the sirname of the psychologist who discovered it.

  11. southerngirl4234 says:

    Well hello Dr. Hans Asperger!

  12. specopsangheili says:

    Yes I have an official diagnoses of aspergers syndrome. It’s not all bad but there is no denying that social etiquette is impaired along with the ability to understand emotion to a certain extent in many other people.
    Personally myself I enjoy the gift of extreme focus but not not the social awkwardness that comes with it and ability to interpret other peoples emotions accurately.
    Once again I am officially recognised as Aspergic.

  13. AustinJohnson07 says:

    @specopsangheili I disagree with you. I do not think Aspergers is an “impairment” your word. Its intresting because a person with Aspergers DO NOT think the same way as other people. So to have Aspergers is to have a different view on the world and life. I hate it when doctors just call name things and say its an impairment. I think people that dont have it should adjust to the people who do. This comment is coming with from a person with Aspergers Sydrome.

  14. specopsangheili says:

    Yes Dr Hans Asperger had it named after he wrote a significant piece outlining the symptoms from other impairments of the mind.

  15. JunNights says:

    its named after the person who discovered it. (hans asberger or something)

  16. AustinJohnson07 says:

    I have Aspergers.

    Who the fu** came up with the term Aspergers? It sounds like some a**hole came up with the name.

  17. dragonfighter90 says:

    Catch out my Documentary Aspergers & Me on you tube & tell me what you think guys & girls, I have Aspergers & am proud of it

  18. MrMoterKid says:

    I have aspergers!!! :D i dont think its really a disability, were just like another race of people if you could call it that

  19. kaz271 says:


  20. Falconhawk123 says:

    You know, about the 1 – 100, it is only more due to the fact that the it wasn’t diagnosed as much in the past. I think it’s gone up a bit, but a good percentage is due to the fact that diagnosing has gone up greatly! Everyone forgets that.

  21. bleedingbanshe13 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  22. bleedingbanshe13 says:

    Yes I do. You don’t. You’re not the one who has Aspergers or Autism.

  23. gamiezion says:

    gotta show my support here

    i could all that too before anyone else, yea true i was cute and looked at people/ things differently

    but then so did my parents, who was to teach me any different?

  24. nagaempress says:

    I like you :) — fellow Aspie ;) =)

  25. natedash11 says:

    skrew u anti autism

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