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25 Responses to “Autism and Aspergers. Hear a sibling’s perspective”
  1. bombergal1 says:

    That’s awesome, you are so cute and you explain Asperger’s very well without any judgment or criticism. I wish I came from a family that supportive of me.

  2. firelord9000 says:

    @notphatmageWins your a retard x 10. Just try to learn something in life, it helps.
    And by the way people with autism often look away and not make eye contacts.

  3. notphatmageWins says:

    Obviously the parents put up a chart and wrote the shit down. The retard is looking at the mother then looking when he needs more text to see.

  4. lelanya23 says:

    Your son is simply gorgeous – and provides wonderful – and balanced – insight into the life of being a sibling of an individual with ASD! Congratulations to your son for giving such a great ‘interview’ !!

  5. crystal0angel says:

    what do u mean because of the computer???

  6. Liquadia says:

    not just because of the computer though right? I have been told i have this!

  7. crystal0angel says:

    LOL I always go on the computer LOL and i was dignosed with with aspegers

  8. crystal0angel says:

    aaaaaw this kid is soo smart and cute

  9. crystal0angel says:

    aspergers isn’t real!!!! It is just a cover up for the fact that they are Indigos and Crystals!! Indigos and crystals are special people that are sent to earth to to change it to a peaceful place!!!

  10. SirLoin21 says:

    This is very cool. He seems different from most kids. Are you from Australia, niconcepts? It may be the case that he has no major symptoms of ASD and I can’t recognize diversity in behavior due to lack of perspective from my experience with people only in the US.

  11. toyy7675 says:

    I think he got it to but that is just a guess on my side.And if that is the case his parents might not notice it because of his brothers aspergers.
    It did not sound like they knew much about aspergers, like the main thing its different from person to person.

  12. icaleod says:

    I really liked this interview. You are a good brother.

  13. allaboutdmagic says:

    This guy’s great, a total modern hippie. Look at his hair, and dissenting ways. I predict good things.

  14. tectonaguy says:

    I like this a lot… having an Asperger’s brother as well, I find it very easy to relate to. Thank you very much…

  15. SimoneBlum says:

    Adam, you are so perceptive, kind and generous. You never cease to amaze me with what an incredible person you are! Great interview.

  16. niriticekson says:

    Adam- this is great. very impresive!!
    I want to hear all about the time machine

  17. 4315061 says:

    Adam, you are a very articulate and sensitive young man, who has shed a good deal of light on living with a person who has Aspberger’s syndrome. Your family is fortunate to have you!

  18. gilterem says:

    Hi Adam, great and very important interview, way to go, Gil

  19. eaviram1 says:

    Great Interview.

  20. icekson says:

    wow my godsun!!! you are so clever and sensitive! Dean is a very like person. also your parents and also me your Godfather.

  21. msaviram1 says:

    Adam, Great interview. Well focused, informative, interesting. What a remarkable brother/friend you are!
    Sabba Babba

  22. baha1844 says:

    ADAM: FANTASTIC interview! Very insightful. You’re extremely smart and caring. I have aspergers and wish when I was a kid I had a sibling like you who understood me better.

  23. jimmygolden19 says:

    Adam …That was a great interview!…Great Job!…..JimmyG

  24. 2006nbachamps says:

    wahooo adam u r great I learned alot from this .

  25. irvpix says:

    way to go, Adam!

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