Tһіѕ іѕ a guide tο personality types within tһе autism аחԁ asperger’s syndrome, fοr people wһο already һаνе a diagnosis.

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25 Responses to “Autism and Asperger’s types”
  1. GramaIngrid says:

    @petele345 that’s probably the point- that AS people can have any personality or a combination of different traits, the way a NT people do, but the traits might manifest themselves a little differently, since the Asperger’s or autism is also there

  2. tairanotomomori says:

    Are you saying that just about EVERYONE falls sowhere on the specrum?? How is this gonna help anyone??

  3. philylennon says:

    All you did was describe all of the possible characteristics of any person!

  4. LadyLayla4 says:

    I have aspergers and i dont feel like i am any of these types.

  5. smokingweapon says:

    I like this video because it refutes the common misconception that Asperger is easy to identify… People often are surprised when I tell them that I have Asperger and tell me that “I am very highly functional” and they barely did notice, if they believe me at all.. the fact is that i have trained for years in order to be able to interact with others without being intimidated, i had to train hard not to be violent, agressive or offensive and to be seen as friendly and funny

  6. LycanthropicAsshole says:

    Kill the aspies! Drive them to the oceans, and drown their young! Impale them on fallen branches tipped with obsidian! Tie up their hands and feet, set fire to their faces, and let them slowly sink in quicksand! Smash their hands and feet, then lock them in a cage full of hungry, angry pigs! Create a huge beef grinder, then feed them through, slowly, feet-first! Shove thermite up their asses! Grease them up, and shove them down the throats of whales! Skin them alive then kill ‘em all with fire!

  7. deanviall says:

    you made this to annoy aspies, right?

  8. petele345 says:

    sorry, but it seems 99 percent of all people could fit one of the “types” listed here. I also think someone with Asperger’s would run screaming from the loud, irritating music in this video.

  9. redeemer1kamili says:

    Interesting concept. I think it could do without the comorbid diagnoses, and the drug reference, for those shouldn’t be too relevant to personality. With those gone, you would have filled a clever void, in personality types.

  10. lucifurious23 says:

    some of us even fall between these lines…

  11. PrettyTigerlilly says:

    Thanks for deafening me. The music is way too loud.

  12. PhilMyBod41 says:

    what is the deal with ev 1 saying they have einstein type? not all of us can be einstein and for gods sake kits a dissability not ABILITY the few crummy things we can do doesent outweigh the misery we go through!!!FUCK YOU HGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. milascave says:

    Where, exactly, are you getting your information? I’ve never heard of these aspergers types anywhere exept on this one video, and I’ve been studying the subject for a while.

  14. emberscatsootie says:

    I have Asperger’s and none of these really describe me very well. I don’t seem to fit anywhere.

  15. lebben90 says:

    1, 4, 7

  16. nbvca1 says:

    I’d say that al of these types could apply to the 6.5 billion people on earth in some form or another.

  17. PhilMyBod41 says:

    if your autistic better to be a powel type than a brainy punching bag!

  18. HANSMKAMP says:

    I might be a Spielberg and an Einstein type. I am pretty social, talk with other people, have facial expressions and body language to a certain extent. I also like to have fun with people, but I am also an Einstein type. Good at computers, have a high IQ, have good grammar and spelling, mainly in Dutch (native tongue) but also in English, Esperanto and German. These other languages I speak fluently.

  19. KimonoSkunk says:

    Im actually between a Carrol and Morrissey type.

    Fairly good video, thank you for posting…


  20. Dave6177 says:

    Nicholls & Einstein 4 me

  21. diesect33 says:

    i’m the Einstein and Caroll types for sure. That was amusing. Yes i do have AS.

  22. Delaneyrocks says:

    I’m definitely Einstein! HAHAHA =)

  23. Kingcobrasaurus says:

    @JWADDMollieVideos It was a joke. -_-

  24. JWADDMollieVideos says:

    @wookawoo1 Also, I recommend getting her tested again even if she was already tested because, it seems that you are still confused about the accuracy of her diagnoses. So like I said, go to google. If you want I can recommend some websites that answer a lot of questions about Autism.

  25. JWADDMollieVideos says:

    @wookawoo1 You should take your daughter to an Autism specialist in your area to be tested. It is better to seek a professional for answers, then to sit around and look at youtube videos for answers. You can google specialists in your area. There are many good websites that also answer questions, and can direct you to places that can help. I myself am Autistic. I was diagnosed in 1995 at the age of two.

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