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14 Responses to “Autism and Epilepsy Awareness”
  1. plushbanana says:

    I fell so bad for him

  2. TheSale98 says:

    lol(league of legends)

  3. ilona2k9 says:

    you deserve a medal for all the hard work u put into looking after jamie… am well proud of u and i dnt even knw you ..

  4. mgroenke3213 says:

    You know what this song called 0:01-0:16

  5. candida1979 says:

    I like what you are doing by providing a look into what is going on. I a 6 year old son who has autism and has recently been diagnosed with having myoclonic seizures. I think that his jerks are very mild, most people would not even know he was having a seizure. My son is verbal, but you have given me an insight on your world. God Bless you and your family.

  6. sexiilicous1 says:

    awe im sirry

  7. kgaccount says:

    43 minutes, but not full blown tonic clonics…he has mixed seizures where they begin as myoclonic jerks then either stop, or, as in the video here, they progress and become closer together and evolve into either a tonic clonic or stop with meds….doctor allows certain amount of time, then if all home meds fail, we call 911, which sucks but I’m glad paramedics are there for back up when things are going down hill and I can’t do much more.

  8. kgaccount says:

    Good question. No, hospital is more aversive. They give him the same meds I have at home. Only people a trained eye and experience with his type of seizures and presentation of symptoms can make that decision. If he shows signs of respiratory distress even with oxygen, YES, I call 911. Also, if home rescue meds fail, or he presents outside my scope of help, I always call 911. FYI: ER rooms scare my son and just gives him same meds I have, then release him and tell me to call his neurologist.

  9. kgaccount says:

    The mask is a hi-flow mask for oxygen prescribed in emergencies…we have a unique situation…based on his unique and complex needs so we are able to get certain things for him that are more difficult for others to get perhaps. Or maybe I’m just a pushy mom and don’t stop until I get what I need for him…I don’t like depending on others to help save my child because last time there were fires in our area, no 911 were available to respond..I’m not gonna be stuck without rescue meds I can use

  10. qtpa2tee97 says:

    jamey is so lucky to have a mom like u. he is deff. loved nd u can see tht in all of the videos. u are doing the right thing by keeping drugs to a minimum cuz sometimes drugs only makes it worse. keep up the good work. jamey seems to be improving a little at a time.

  11. sexysophxxxx says:

    hiya kgaccount, just want to say i no what your boys is going through as i have epilepsy and a form of autism (Asperger syndrome) i suffer from lots of different types of seizures and i’m very prone to partial status too.. unfutunatly i don’t have any rescue meds as no one can give it to me.. you have beautiful son and is soo lucky to have you… wish i had a mum like that lol.. i hope he gets better lov soph xxx

  12. monjanse says:

    why must he have breathingmask? why has he so many seizures and so long seizures?

  13. lolly16 says:

    should he have not gone to hospital?

  14. sexiilicous1 says:

    poor baby!! :(
    how long did it last ?

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