Tһе bеаυtіfυƖ, blessed, bυt bizarre life οf living wіtһ autism аחԁ acute, episodic self injurious behaviors Everyday іѕ different. Yου don’t always know wһеח οr іf tһе behavior wіƖƖ emerge. Yου сουƖԁ bе having a ɡrеаt day аחԁ tһеח, suddenly, уου′re walking down tһе street аחԁ a car alarm goes οff, аחԁ now, wе′re οח tһе ground, trying tο prevent fists frοm flying іחtο һіѕ head…sometimes аƖƖ уου саח ԁο іѕ grab һіѕ hands, comfort һіm аחԁ survive tһе moment…tһеח press οח.

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17 Responses to “Autism and Self injury: A World of Its Own”
  1. kgaccount says:

    @kgaccount Another example is he’s had sinusitis past two weeks. That triggered HORRIBLE bouts of savage, brutal self-injury that lasted almost all day. We had to give him emergency meds (ativan) to try and calm him until the pain and discomfort of sinusitis decreased. NOT easy. Nightmare. But we made it through! He’s doing awesome after anti-biotics finally killed the infection! Yea!

  2. kgaccount says:

    @SepherStar . Yes, this is ONE of about 50 reasons why he hits himself. Self abuse is triggerred by medical and environmental things. Example, we were walking thru parking lot. A car alarm went off. He dropped to ground and started slamming his fists into head. The noise scared him.

  3. SepherStar says:

    Since he has epilepsy as well, I wonder if he is hitting himself as a reaction to auras sometimes.

  4. kgaccount says:

    Self injury can happen across the spectrum, no doubt, so it’s important if your son speaks to get him to communicate what is wrong, if possible….that’s one advantage you may have in your situation…also, take him to doc and have anything that could be causing pain or discomfort ruled out…feel free to leave me messages on my account if you need more help

  5. AutismStudy says:

    OH God I so relate to this. Our kids are so different (HFA) yet so similiar in SIB and we too have trolled the experts and have Zippo to show for it. I have begged for ppl to come in to my home and see what is really happening. Would love to hear what you HAVE got working. My son also attacks his sister which just complicates things again. Is there any way we can get in contact?

  6. kgaccount says:

    We have better supports now after I fought for them, as usual, everything’s a fight.

  7. squirrel12356 says:

    Wow! You are doing an AMAZING job with him. And yeah the fact that you have no support is unacceptable! I have higher functioning autism but still have SIB that looks a lot like that. My aides used to just restrain me because the techniques never worked. There was nothing anyone could do to stop me that’s for sure! Greatfully, I am able to type so having that helped me. I can’t imagine how hard it would be with no functional language. Where are the support services???? This is unacceptable.

  8. TheAutumBlog says:

    By watching your videos, you can really tell that Jamie is a regular guy trapped inside the world of autism. It’s like you can see it in his eyes that he’s in there, just trapped.

  9. mikeymou says:

    God bless you and thank you for continuing to show the world that autism is not all special talents and genius IQ’s!

  10. LettyVLO1 says:

    Zaboo I cannot believe our inconsiderate you are. To say this to a parent? Reality Show? Are you kidding me?
    I too have a severely autistic child. Diagnosed at 3, and now has seizures. I have gone above and beyond with my son and there is little progress. Doctors, therapist, diets, sensory tools.
    Your just horrible for saying those awful things!!

  11. LettyVLO1 says:

    Girl, now why haven’t we thought of that? Consistency, Now there is an idea.

  12. Zaboo526 says:

    Where do you live? Are there not group homes that specialize in severe autistic adults? My sister works in one and the residents have the best of care, access to health care, professionals, etc. They go on outings with their individual quirks in mind…one won’t step foot on concrete so they carry thin mats for him to step on. Where is the support? Consistency is a must! You cannot do it alone. Maybe consider moving somewhere that gives you that support.

  13. kgaccount says:

    Spin? He has a seizure disorder. As for doctors, not one in 18 years (he was diagnosed autistic at 13 months) as ever known really what to do with him outside most of my own research and ideas. He’s a complex case. Most people give up on him because he takes so much work, but it’s sad, because he has so much potential…even if it’s slow progression…there is so much more to him….he can learn more. He’s smart. He’s trapped in his own world…I keep trying new things…I can’t do it all alone

  14. kgaccount says:

    People that don’t live with this type of autism and behavioral challenge don’t understand there are multiple antecedents to the behavior, which fluctuate daily….despite even the best pro active interventions….that is the mystery..its seems there are some who are convinced there is always something that will work everytime, or something you’ve missed doing, because they don’t witness this. It’s more complex than people realise because they are used to the mild to moderate cases.

  15. kgaccount says:

    Many people don’t realise the system serving autistic persons with challenging behaviors can be a scam. Everything is written on paper, but rarely are the school personnel or “specialists” paid to implement the strategies doing much. This has led, over the years, to inconsistent application of behavioral interventions, which you can see, have not helped my son. We do a lot at home, but if it’s not applied across settings, than it compromises his learning….very frustrating..constant problem

  16. Zaboo526 says:

    I have an autistic child and your videos break my heart! Not because of Jamey…because of you! Where are the pressure techniques?…where are the spin techniques? Who the hell are your doctors? Advisors? BIs? He is not getting what he needs and the reaction to his behaviours is making it worse. At his age a strategy for care should have been in place for some time. Looking for a reality show? All these videos show incompetance and slim tolerance.

  17. LettyVLO1 says:

    ****APPLAUSE APPLAUSE I completely agree with you. Every word out of your mouth I completely relate. OMG how I feel so alone at times and wonder are we the only ones living like this?
    I had parents of autistic kids (moderate to high functioning) trying to give me advice “Have you tried?” “You need to do this…”
    I am going to get my camera out to show my son too. People need to be aware of this side of the spectrum too.

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