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25 Responses to “Autism – ANTM – Heather”
  1. Rebesu says:

    Heather would be the best rolemodel in ANTM. I really love her :) so strong person.

  2. AccessorizeAlways says:

    than I?

  3. AccessorizeAlways says:

    BTW, I would never have picked Heather out as someone with autism. She seems way more normal or “normal” sorry, than I. I’m jealous of her lol. She is way more adjusted than me.

  4. AccessorizeAlways says:

    (I know some say Neuro typical but I don’t know how many people are familiar with that term)

  5. AccessorizeAlways says:

    @tuberman97 I’ve heard someone with it explain it as a person with a half autistic brain, and half “regular” brain. I don’t know if a doctor would necessarily say that but i think there is some truth to that.

  6. AccessorizeAlways says:

    aspergers IS autism, it’s on the autistic spectrum.

  7. AccessorizeAlways says:

    to be fair, this was in 2007 and we know more about autism and or aspergers now. *I* know more about it. I knew about it but i had no idea just how regular someone can act with it. I always suspected i had it but I wasn’t sure….and now i’m sure just by watching people like this girl and reading up on it. So just remember, I hear that they learn more and more about it every year and this was 2007 so there was a lot more ignorance than now, even though there is still ignorance about it.

  8. kwystalchan says:

    Aww i know how she feels :(
    :| at least shes the most sane out of all of them, their all mean bitchens, reminds me of my life with other girls i know.

    Your inspirational to me Heather and your very beautiful keep doing what you believe in! :D

  9. WiccanMann04 says:

    Me too.

  10. mediamactv says:

    I like how Victoria is not doing talking behind Heather’s back all the time and thats the strongest part of Victoria’s character but Heather to me is the best girl in ANTM History!

  11. we7dawy says:

    Iknow how heather feels .. I Got Asperger Too

  12. meowqueenx says:

    that i’m not sure. i know she didn’t win but i think she got pretty far in the competition.

  13. meowqueenx says:

    in that interaction it seemed like they were trying to get to know her better and what it was like for her. but for most of the clip, most of the girls came across as weirded out by her. its understandable that they’d never met anyone like her before but even all the girls who were like ‘i’m open minded..i believe everyone deserves a chance’ well i’m sure they meant well by saying such things but there’s still a hint of superiority in a statement like that.

  14. meowqueenx says:

    very much so and while i’ve never watched the show all the way through, i read somewhere that heather said they actually didn’t make fun of her as much as the show made it look like and it was just because of what they chose to air.

  15. meowqueenx says:

    aspergers is a form of autism and heather likened it to autism herself. as someone with aspergers myself, i find more people are familiar with the term autism than they are with the term aspergers syndrome, so if it’s explained that way people are more prone to understand if it’s explained that way.

  16. tuberman97 says:

    whoever made this is a dumbass heather doesnt have autism she as asburgers

  17. anabensaude says:

    GOOOOO Heather!! Go Go Go
    You are the most normal girl in the house!!
    In PORTUGAL everyone loves you!!!
    BIG kiss from PORTUGAL

  18. LtDualla says:

    I don’t remember who won in 07 cycle but I still remember Heather and her struggle with the beeyotches in the house. I know Heather will go far in life!

  19. EKaleidoscope says:

    Heather’s talk with her mom made me wanna cry :(

  20. d94cheese says:

    ebony and salisha are bitches to heather

  21. UniqueMJPT says:

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  22. Nickolaz19 says:

    Heather don’t pay attention to those neurotypical bitches you fine as hell i have asperger’s u sexier then them be you f those haters

  23. RealBrudda says:

    fuck u racist bitch, die slow

  24. healthmusic says:

    I wish to pass on to heather; I’m in the same boat. I have Aspergers Syndrome. I didn’t always know; I knew I was different; but didn’t know what the heck it was.

    For other viewers, maybe confused, Heather didn’t ask for her condition; just like I didn’t ask for my condition.

    My condition did not stop me from marrying. It didn’t stop me from having a halfway decent job when the economy was in halfway decent shape. Almost everyone that was a genius had some amount of autism.

  25. deanriam says:

    Funny how the bitches who always bash a girl are ALWAYS outlasted by that girl.

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