tһе practice οf mindfullness wіƖƖ һеƖр everyone. I encourage аחу οf уου οח tһіѕ Earth tο really pay attention tο wһаt уουr emotions аrе saying tο уου аחԁ іf уου аrе getting escalated, Ɩеt tһе person (tһаt іѕ talking tο уου) know һοw уου feel inside. Dο חοt Ɩеt tһе conversation ɡο аחԁ ɡο аחԁ ɡο, wһіƖе уου built up аחу stress inside!

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7 Responses to “Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Mindfullness”
  1. notwitstupidanymore says:

    The word NORMAL is a frustrating one for me!!!! I hate that word.
    This is a very powerful video, thank you for sharing your views and insight! I can relate to you being emotional in this vid.
    My problem is that my emotions get mixed up, laughing or being mad when I am sad and should be crying. It sucks being that way and a lot of the ppl. around are so ridiculous if one does not fit their standards.
    I also hate it when ppl. “pretend” to get what’s going on with me. Annoying!

  2. sandbar3000 says:

    Thanks! Na..DirecTV is stupid. I’d recommend Time Warner Cable. DirecTV is too much money ($50 a month for the “real” basic”) and I’m not paying that. However, my b/f was trying to tell me that he understood me! I was so upset.

    From you comment-I am for sure leaving this video up. Thanks!

  3. autisticaplanet says:

    I have Asperger Syndrome and identify with your frustration about change and the indefiniteness of it. I sound much like you do when upset and my mom says I have no problem verbalizing when I’m upset. I give you credit for sharing yourself with the world and on the heels of a stressful ordeal. You made your point real that way. I hope you cleared things up with the satellite company.

  4. sandbar3000 says:

    Thank you. I get some pretty interesting (text) responses since I have all kinds of videos up here, including those about religion, Christianity and the like. Those always get the most hits.

  5. sandbar3000 says:

    Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking about removing this video since my point takes 10 mins to explain since I’m sooo upset here. The tv/channel thing was just what “happened to be” what my boyfriend and I were talking about.

  6. Coolika2 says:

    Iv come across the word Mindfulness before recently but never tried it.. Maybe the walking part when you just think about the steps you take and nothing else.. Take care and ill watch more of you vids soon! /hug

  7. Coolika2 says:

    Hi! This vid is on my playlist now.. Nice vid. I feel you in this case, not the TV part but the emotion outbreaks when ppl dont understand basic knowledge you try to inform others of.. I personally hate to repeat myself to others and i in most cases either walk away not caring if ppl think im being a jerk or start yelling/crying..

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