See аƖƖ mу videos аt I wаѕ diagnosed аt age 2 аѕ being οח tһе Autism spectrum. Today, аt 17, I’m сrеаtіחɡ videos tο support awareness. Tһіѕ іѕ mу ѕtοrу wіtһ tһе song “Trying Tο Gеt Through Tο Yου″ bу Autistic singer Michael Moon.

Please Pass This Information Along and Enjoy:
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25 Responses to “Autism & Asperger’s My Life In Pictures With Taylor Morris”
  1. ediann says:

    taylor, you are a shining light, a breath of fresh air, a truly remarkable young woman and an inspiration to all. we are so happy to discover your beautiful videos and your remarkable story. i am the father od an autistic son, now 11 years old and you give us such hope and wonder. thank you. i am posting this and your videos to my fb page.

    thank you!

  2. liz61492 says:

    i can totally understand this!!! i am 17 and have asperger’s syndrome!!

  3. 01stanbk says:

    wow that was a amazing vidio!!!! so insprational :-) thak you for shring ur story.

  4. jenwa06 says:

    Thank you ever so much for sharing you have given me loads of hope for my twin boys. On whom is is on the spectrum and one currently being diagnosed.. Thank you

  5. sccamom says:

    You’re awesome. Thank you. I have two kids who lost their diagnoses. They’ve got LDs but are going to make it. Just like you!!

  6. sunnybird says:

    You are an inspiration to all children with Autism. Thankyou Taylor, I was feeling at my wits end but after watching your videos have hope to fight another day.. :)

  7. ckb8888 says:

    Thank you Taylor. You gave me some hope for my son that I really needed today.

  8. OzAnthony says:

    Great video Taylor!

  9. breatheinmusic says:

    right on! Now that’s some good stuff — thanks for sharing!

  10. 88Javen says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing your videos!

  11. aspiebear says:

    Love how you do not feel obligated to hide the ‘medical’ side of Autism in a bid to deny there are difficulties and how you demonstate the positives and show you are a happy person.

  12. AccessorizeAlways says:

    this is a cute video =)

  13. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    Thanks to everyone for the comments… I’m reading and appreciating every one!

  14. misstiggykins says:

    This is a really inspirational video Taylor. I can identify a lot with the difficulties you describe that you had as a small child. I am so glad you received help and support – to make you the very able person you have now become!

  15. vaniaokeefe says:

    God bless you Taylor! Thanks for inspiring me!

  16. tofukind says:

    Awesome work. Thanks for the Input.

  17. Feikjen says:

    Een topper dat ben je!

  18. michaelmariana says:

    We took Max off dairy and words, words, words, then sentences, sentences, sentences.

  19. QuietHiddenMe says:

    I’m so proud of you! What a beautiful video. Taylor…I’m honoured to watch you achieve all your dreams!
    Keep reaching!

  20. Kika7511 says:

    Taylor you are an inspiration for young and old. Thumbs up for you.

  21. Kika7511 says:

    Taylor you are very brave and you are an inspiration for young an old. Thumbs up for u.

  22. AltmanKenpoKarate says:

    Great job Taylor.

  23. TheAnMish says:

    I’m happy to see someone who has had the support they needed in life, to deal with their troubles, and be happy in spite of everything they’ve had to face.

    It gives me hope that maybe I can overcome my troubles too.

  24. summertsun says:

    I have a son who is Asperger’s…last yr that was the diagnosis…I understand that a lot of children get misdiagnosed such as aspergers and ADHD…I know that diet plays a huge role in their lives…love the video…

  25. haroldpayne says:

    Great job by all. thanks for the moving presentation, wonderful music & the courage to make this.

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