Tһе Autism Networks campaign fοr April 2010, Autism awareness month. Autism іѕ a life long condition tһаt іѕ οftеח misunderstood οr חοt understood аt аƖƖ. Oυr mission іѕ tο spread awareness аחԁ understanding, tһіѕ іח turn wіƖƖ mаkе tһеѕе individuals lives јυѕt tһаt ƖіttƖе bit easier. Tһе Autism Network – Aח Autism site, forum, community аחԁ free educational resource provider.

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20 Responses to “Autism Awareness Day 2010 -The Autism Network”
  1. jonnit666 says:

    hi came across this forum which may be of use autismpda dot org slash forum

  2. jonnit666 says:

    interesting vid

  3. skycladwow says:

    I struggle with the difference between autism and aspergers. families ask me what the diff is and why their children get diagnosed with either asd or aspergers. I know there is the spectrum but am confused

  4. hxwhite says:


    My six year old with autism is celebrated here! Thank you for hitting all the important points. I cried, smiled and enjoyed this immensely, thank you!


  5. Devik666 says:


  6. cyberpedz says:

    @Devik666 I do agree it does sometimes seem odd that Autism and Aspergers are on the same spectrum as they are very different at times and are at total different ends of the spectrum.

  7. Devik666 says:

    Aspergers sydrome day aswell sorry but if im supposed to have it doesnt make sense for it to be part of autism mum told me theres goner be trying to get people to see the diffrence between high functioning autism aspergers not using as the same thing by 2012 so really there should be an aspies spectrum to define who we are from the auties and the nero tips

  8. penbooks says:

    For a new generation of children who cannot speak for themselves, and for a whole world of “normies” that needs education beyond just the word “autism,” this film speaks louder than words can.

    As a fellow filmmaker, and parent of Taylor, 21 with HFA, I am in awe of the deep beauty and powerful education found in this short film. Bravo.

    Keri Bowers

    Normal People Scare Me
    The Sandwich Kid

  9. jenwa06 says:

    I posted this on my facebook account also. What a great video.

  10. cyberpedz says:

    @fmelissa169 thank you so much i did not expect this video to get such great comments. I have a son with Autism and have worked in the field for over 8 years.

    Thank you all for viewing, rating and commenting. Please please keep this video circulating around the net and promote awareness. I would love to see this video hitting double figures 10k plus.

  11. fmelissa169 says:

    Thank you for this video–i am an autistic adult–and really appreciate seeing videos like this. This represents who we are–and doesn;t try to mock us.this is very well done–God bless!! <3<3<3

  12. aliangus says:

    That is brilliant…. posting it to FB too!

  13. cgoswitz says:

    Wonderful job on the video. Posted it to my FB. Thank you for the efforts of public education.

  14. zolbros says:

    great video ! Facebook group- Education in the schools for special needs . Please feel free to join .

  15. rlautismservices says:

    You have done a great job on this video. thanks for the time and effort you have put in to demonstrate that all our children are unique and beautiful. Well done :-)

  16. cyberpedz says:

    Thank you Janice your comment its much appreciated. The video is only 2 days old and we are coming on for 500 views already. Please keep posting, viewing and sharing this video anywhere and everywhere to promote awareness, the more views this video gets the more people will be aware of Autism.

  17. Janice687 says:

    If you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met ONE person with Autism.
    Well done video presentation to promote awareness and understanding.

  18. eggchen74 says:

    <3 Meg <3

  19. cyberpedz says:

    @Asafschulhof Thank you

  20. Asafschulhof says:


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