Lеt уουr child bе tһе reason уου succeed. Nοt tһе reason уου don’t. Nο whining. Lead уουr child bу example. Thanks fοr watching.

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25 Responses to “Autism – be strong.”
  1. andisl2122 says:

    i just found out my 23 month son has autism i am a litle lost

  2. UniqueMJPT says:

    PLEASE check out a great Children’s book about Autism, PDD and ADHD called ‘Why Is He Different?’ (Please spread the word about this unique book, tell your friends and if you like you can tell me what you think about it. Big thanks!!). You can preview it on youtube profile called Monalisaknew. Just copy and paste the following sentence in youtube search window: ‘Why Is He Different? (Autism Book)’
    You can also buy this book on AthsePublishing(dot)com. Thank You !!

  3. calapanpo says:

    man, I felt like an outcast having ADHD, and i always try to protect my head, i’m scared to death of hurting my head.
    This just sucks, I feel bad for those with disorders as serious as this.

  4. jeffstwiga says:

    I love your humor”Try not to hit them!” LOL. My daughter has autism, I’ve heard all the comments etc from the good parents of the “perfect” children. They fail to see the perfect children like yours and mine. I can only say open your eyes people. Your son is beautiful. Good luck with your schooling.

  5. kadenlover11 says:

    fuck you evilmonkey that baby boy is beautiful, and they are just like us! the only thing different about autistic children is that they just dont have great communication. they feel trapped, so they react. they are normal and can be great people like you and me.

  6. Applecider39 says:

    just let him be, these inconsiderate assholes who enjoy feeding off the autistic will never have this sense knocked into their heads.

  7. Applecider39 says:

    and when I said fuck you I said it at evilmonkey666555

  8. Applecider39 says:

    fuck you

  9. Moshermario1nd says:

    get this threw your HEAD

  10. Moshermario1nd says:

    Willie thats just low
    dude just imagine you having autism
    been picked on for it and been treated like dirt by some of ya family members


  11. sp0rty1255 says:

    thank you….thank you …

  12. CindyPDX says:

    A very inspirational video drmaier!
    **5 stars!**. Your son has such beautiful blue eyes! I too was a single mom with my daughter. I finally remarried and now have twin boys of which one regressed into Autism. Such is life.

    I wish you and your son all the very best. He is very lucky to have you.

  13. evilmonkey666555 says:

    ┫  | |  ┣┓  ┏┓ copy and paste
    ┫━━ ┃ ━━┣┛  ┣┫ if you thought
    ┃ ━━━━━ ┃ ┏┳┫┣┳┓ this video
    ┗━━┳━┳━━┛ ┃   ┃  was pure shit
    ━━━┃ ┃   ┗━┳┳━┛ S O B fuck you

  14. WillieFleischer says:

    Beware the Alien, the MUTANT, the Heretic.

  15. angelinaisback says:

    I am a 46 year old autistic woman,diagnosed at 44,I hope this brings peace to you,my mother I cannot blame for what she did not know or undersatand,I got god’s message,and I hope this brings peace to you,for the spectrum of the rainbow,is still “one”…I see those outside of me suffer more from trying to understand that my actions are not of pain but what you as an NT understands as’natural’ expression. It is my ‘our’ normal.I cannot miss in your world what I have never known.God Bless You.

  16. evilmonkey666555 says:

    we must cleanse these retarded asspies while we still can they are a disese to us we help them when we can be putting that into schools and other things

  17. rainbowmummy says:

    I loved this video, so much. Don’t know if I liked the vid or the comments you left best!! Fantastic attitude, and if other parents are not lucky enough tofeel the same you don’t have to appologise to them. 5*

  18. yankeegurl62 says:

    awesome attitude!!!!!!!! Keep fighting the good fight!! My grand daughter has pdd nos—it just makes her even more special to me!! God bless

  19. angelmommy1982 says:

    hey i just wanted to say thank you now i have seen another single mother of a autistic child my 3 yr old daughter just got diagnosed with PDD-nos and we are conserned her 14 month old brother has it too how do you handle it?

  20. kovskaja says:

    Thank you for that video!

  21. Caitlin2112 says:

    Awesome video!!

  22. Healingscars114 says:

    Let me say you are a great mom, this video gets 5 stars!

  23. secretsantaone says:

    “Someday, you might bump into him… when you’re cleaning the office of his billion dollar company.”



    serusly you are proof that autism is genetic

  24. cherlyema says:

    great movie, from indonesia. all the best for u, Gbu

  25. thewildeman2 says:

    AWESOME! Well done indeed. I am autistic and so is my son. He’s my lil hero! I will be posting videos of him soon! Hugs to you.

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