Tһіѕ іѕ Jonathan wһіƖе stimming аѕ wе enter һіѕ world аחԁ bring һіm іחtο ours. Hе hits himself οftеח іח pattern аѕ a type οf calming himself, looks Ɩіkе іt һυrtѕ, bυt һе ехрƖаіחѕ..іt feels ɡοοԁ!

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25 Responses to “Autism Behavior Playing with Jonathan”
  1. Liquadia says:

    lol BECAUSE BECAUSE reminds me of my friends son hehe

  2. 44774477ric says:

    Autism rose 200 % after childhood vaccine programs were mandated in the USA fact ! Autism in the USA is for the most part a childhood adverse reaction to Vaccines…Fact ! my child had a severe reaction to his MMR and has been autistic ever since….the Vaccine Manufactures know this and created these Vaccines as part of a attack on the people of the USA…we are being poisoned and our children weakened so as the elite emerge as the superior race ! FACT ! this is Genetics ! THE NWO ARE COWARDS !

  3. echosquad99 says:


  4. reneMvalencia says:

    Thank you for sharing a video of this genious kid. I bet he’s good on Rock Band video games. My son has mild CP and we got him a wii for therapy, he has a hard time using his left arm but he tries so hard. God bless you, he as other people with dissabilities have earned their wings.

  5. gracekuiack44 says:

    He’s a really good kid.

  6. missangie29 says:

    Thomas does this but taps his legs as if he plays a keyboard ..they both sound form a band !
    Great Video !

  7. pokelover66544 says:

    i cant belive you would kick your dog

  8. MrBeeleevr79 says:

    Get some drums! He has a natural talent that he will fall in love with. He is very witty and smart…start a band!

  9. ChristopherElfKid says:

    Hi Jonathan this is Christopher Elf Kid. I love your video it is grate. I have gave five stars and I have add you to one of my playlist on my Youtube channel. Oh Jonathan your are one of Santa Claus’s elves (Jonathan The Christmas Elf) hear’s what I wont for Christmas is an Apple Computer can you get that from santa claus’s work shop at the north pole. Jonathan I love your autism video it’s grate. Jonathan I have a little autism just like you do and I am silly just like you.

  10. sharonlife58 says:

    Thank you mom for doing such a wonderful job. He seem’s like a bright young man. Keep up the good work. See my 20 yrs. old daughter name Silk Akaiwa,

  11. DracoMalfoyHottie says:

    eeeeooooww!!! that should hurt,and i can’t really do that.

  12. meghanscotti says:

    From the first vid i saw of this kid i was super impressed by his rhythm !

  13. mikey1116 says:

    it must be hard for your two normal kids to interact and get jonathan’s attention when they ask for him i am not trying to affend you guys in anyway i know your guys pain and fellings don’t worry i feel your pain please write back when you have a chance to both my comments thank you,
    Destine LaPointe

  14. mikey1116 says:

    wow he is talented i tred that at my house and i CAN NOT DO IT!! LOL that must hurt but not to him it donsen’t LOL

  15. navywife1977 says:

    My son just turned 4, he too has autism.

    I love this video, it gives me an idea what my son will be like.


    SERIOUSLY, get him some drums!

  16. mcnala123 says:

    my 7yr old did the same but to his stomach…he has now changed his stim to flapping. You should get him a set of bongos..he probably would be fantastic!! I really think our autistic children have a gift!!

  17. autismom6 says:

    Yes this is a stim he does daily, he makes his chest so red, I cannot beleive he says it feels good. He has other stims, this is his latest one that he has been doing for several months. when he was younger he would twirl swords or anything in his hands and has to have 2 of everything, one for each hand to spin in front of his face,and has done that forever. He is fun, challenging & very entertaining.Alot of people don’t understand him, he is high functioning but not asbergers.LOTS of behaviors!

  18. autismom6 says:

    thank you! smiles always appreciated, you made me smile!

  19. Ninette111 says:

    OMG my brother is a drummer and would be amazed at this! Get that boy a drum set!
    AWESOME!!!!! I love the way you are having so much fun with him. Is that one of his stims? Mys son rolllllllllls his arms, I have a song he signed on my youtube and he loves to rollllll his arms to it!

  20. KnoxvilleJavaGirl says:

    I enjoyed watching this. He sounded just like my daughter when he said “I don’t know”. Please visit my youtube account to see her “Bad Day” video.

  21. autismom6 says:

    Yeah we should thanks!!

  22. autismom6 says:

    Thank you, he is talented! He just turned 9, is 110 pounds, 4 feet 11 inches, and wears a 10 mens shoe.. big boy!!! Do you have autism too? he makes us all look ridiculous when we try to do that as you can see!! Take Care

  23. kadenlover11 says:

    he is amazing, we are alike, i can do that 2! Tell him i said he’s talented! lol, alex

  24. lkfetterer says:

    Your son rocks! He reminds me a lot of my little drummer boy. He was dx when he was 3. You are a great mom!

  25. gugegago says:

    he is a musician. please make him improve with his talent. i mean divert him into music. autistic person sometimes have this “little” stuff like geniuses

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