tinyurl.com News video released today tһаt shows аח autistic girl improving аftеr receiving stem cell injections

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25 Responses to “Autism Cure?”
  1. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Zeolite and lots of raw cilantro!

  2. DChatc says:

    I don’t think you really read me theroughly.

    I do not think Asperger configuration to be a disease at all, I just think Autism should be reserved for the low-functioning types lest association with such endanger the interests of the Asperger-hegemon through claims of a “spectrum” of pathologies (and I stand firm that LFA is caused by ADHD or retardation, NOT the other way around as the opposition want’s to present it).

    I also think it interesting your use of “disorder” and “managiable”…

  3. shazzadee says:

    All of these dickheads wish to “cure” autism because they dislike being around them. They all speak of how their siblings autism is a burden to them! All this talk about “autism cures” sounds very much like eugenics; selecting the genes they feel are inferior. Well guess what? If we erradicated autism, we would be getting rid of some of the smartest people in the world.

  4. shazzadee says:

    I read over blasphyrs comments and apparently he had no true feelings of his own…Just a troll.

  5. shazzadee says:

    What you have desribed could be pretty much anything! If you had listed more behaviours, people may be able to make an educated guess.

  6. shazzadee says:

    I think it’s possible that with treatment that severe autism may become asperger’s, but it never completely goes away.

  7. shazzadee says:

    cognitive behavioural therapy does not “cure” autism, it just teaches them how to behave more neurotypically. It still isn’t a natural response for them to make eye contact etc. NT’s do it without thinking, but even with training, it does not become automatic with someone who is autistic. It is never cured, it just becomes managable.

  8. shazzadee says:

    No thanks, I like to get my facts from REAL scientists, not someone that thinks they can do ten minutes of research on google and think themselves brighter than someone with a phd.

  9. shazzadee says:

    I hope you know that it has been long disproven that autism is caused by mercury in rubella vaccinations; completely false. Even the person that announced this in the first place has since retracted his opinion and admitted fault.

  10. shazzadee says:

    You cannot completely cure autism, you can only lessen the symptoms of the disorder.

  11. shazzadee says:

    That is true that you cannot be “cured” but this treatment promises to repair the brain to help these people resemble “normal individuals”, lessening the severity of their symptoms.

  12. shazzadee says:

    What?! Not all children with autism are mentally retarded! As someone with autism prominent (and asperger’s IS considered to most high functioning autism) in her family, only about half of people with autism are mentally handicapped (varying in severity), but still manage to be autonomous. Furthermore, they may be socially inept, but offer exceptional talent in one or two particular fields. If asperger’s is not apart of AS, then what do you propose it is?

  13. DChatc says:

    @pyxipyx: Yes, that has been a major interest of mine also. Though my concern is primarily with excitotoxins and ADHD (which I also think induces Autism in Aspergers, and plain mental retardation in everyone else).

  14. DChatc says:

    @shazzadee. This is about Autism. I do not consider the Asperger phenotype to be part of an Autism “spectrum” as has been proposed. I am willing to think that Aspergers are more succeptable to Autism because of our neurological configuration, but I don’t think the problems associated with Autism are intrinsic to Asperger traits.

    Don’t worry, I think it is increasingly obvious that NT social traits are self-limiting and ultimately represents a destructive pathology to civilization.

  15. DChatc says:

    I myself like the zeolite proceedure better. But it doesn’t really reverse anything, it just prevents further damage.

    The stemcells would be neccessary to speed-up recovery (especially in older individuals with neurological damage).

  16. DChatc says:

    I am sure you can cure Autism. I just don’t want to conflate Autism with Asperger: THAT cannot be cured because it is an intrinsic part to one’s being. You might as well cure people of being white or Catholic. All that I have ever seen were aspies being taught how to be BETTER aspies (which can from the serface appear NT, but underneath it all there is an entirely different process at work).

  17. MultiSnooty says:

    I highly doubt that this is the cure for autism. No offense.

  18. KaptainKritter says:

    @legionofdoom- This is a belief. Some of us think it can be cured, because we have seen it with our own eyes. My friend has a son with autism and they went through the Son-Rise Program, which totally transformed him, so I am a major advocate now. People just want to stick to the “not curable” and “ABA treatment is the only option” line out of their fear. Son-Rise just sent me a video which features an actor who recovered *fully* from autism. See for yourself- search under: “parental choice aba”

  19. legionofdoom2009 says:

    There is no cure for autism.

    No one has ever “recovered” from autism.

    That is the truth, people. The contradiction of a truth is a lie.

  20. joannekaminski says:

    Jenny McCarthy wrote a book called Louder than Words and she cured her son Evan of Autism. I did a book review of it on my channel.

  21. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Mercury poisoning can be reversed with zeolite powder. Its alot easier to get out of this hell than you think. May god lay his vengeance on the wicked people who unleased this on these innocent children.

  22. Pyxipyx says:

    It takes tens of thousands of years for the human genome to adapt to a new diet and grains were only introduced about a thousand years ago. The human body cannot yet digest them properly. Look at clarkchiro youtube videos if you’re not yet convinced that autism is an autoimmune disorder caused by the rubbish we consume daily.

  23. shazzadee says:

    I wouldn’t want to be “cured”. I am high functioning and I would be afraid that it would dramatically alter my personality. I like who I am. I wish that I were able to socialise, but I would prefer the higher IQ than the increased social behaviour.

  24. heaheaheaa says:

    lol why do you have to judge autistic people.
    christ kid your a wierdo xD

  25. Cloe3435 says:

    I’m so happy for this family. =)

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