www.gutandpsychologysyndrome.com Donna Gates, author οf “Tһе Body Ecology Diet” аחԁ Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author οf “Gut аחԁ Psychology Syndrome” talk аbουt tһе importance οf tһе gut wіtһ regards tο autism.

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11 Responses to “Autism Diet: Donna Gates & Dr. Campbell-McBride (6 of 6)”
  1. goofyreligion3 says:

    If humans were meant to eat mostly plant matter we’d have the digestive system of a gorilla or ruminant. We can’t even properly digest cellulose. However, we DO digest fats and proteins very efficiently, AKA, we’re meant to eat, and thrive on, animal foods.

  2. speedyandquick says:

    the truth does set us free..thank God for wonderful people like these two ladies. ….Hemp oil is great for essential fat..

  3. CorganicTV says:

    Sorry. There are some vital nutrients, like arachidonic acid, that are only found in animal fat. That said, some plant based oils are beneficial – olive oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil are a few of them. Bottom line: you need both animal and plant based fats.

  4. ginahctsun says:

    Thank you, I do understand that about the plant based oils.
    I just hate the fact of eating any animal products at all. I was hoping for something from the plant world?

  5. CorganicTV says:

    Animal fats are best for the brain. Most of the plant based oils are processed using high temperatures which damage the fats.

  6. ginahctsun says:

    Is there a way to get the fats on your diet other than animal products?? Plant based?

  7. KimberlyMahurin says:

    My son was very sensitive to foods for 5 years. Thats how long we followed strict diet. We still follow it but he has pizza every now and then and a treat here and there and he does fine. Years ago he would of started banging his head on the floor with infractions. This REALLY works.

  8. jamestubiel says:

    here is a way to resolve the problems of ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, autism, schizoprenia, mental illness …

  9. byrne16 says:

    I have autism and I love raw foods and raw fat. I eat raw chicken, raw duck, raw turkey, raw lamb, raw goat, raw beef, raw pork, raw wild boar, raw organ meats, raw eggs, raw milk, raw butter, raw cream, raw cheese, raw honey, raw fruit, and raw vegetable juices.

  10. CorganicTV says:

    Yes, Dr. Campbell-McBride references the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle. Thanks for mentioning that book. That’s a valuable resource too.

  11. nerdygirl76 says:

    good series very informative i read something similar to this from Dr. Elaine Gottschall Breaking the Vicious Cycle .. it all makes so much sense thank you for laying it out and putting it out there.. keep it up

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