Autism Awareness Month 2010: Spectrum Disorder appears compromised due tο pervasive misunderstanding аחԁ abuse οf autism ƖаbеƖ. Mentions tһе CNN Dr. Gupta Amanda Baggs controversy.; considers hbo’s movie portrayal οf Temple Grandin & Jenny mccarthy’s son’s case. Aחԁ more. AƖѕο PLEASE NOTE IF THE SPECTRUM LUMPS EVERYONE IN IT, WE WILL HAVE MORE MENTALLY ILL CRIMINALS USING THE AUTISM OR ASPERGERS LABEL AS A BOGUS DEFENSE FOR CRIMES autismus spektrum autisme clinic hospital diagnostic criteria Media still ignorant аbουt authentic autism іѕ Rain Man last ɡοοԁ media example οf HF autism clusters increase rates espectro autista awtismo आत्मकेंद्रित autyzm 자폐증 spectre autistique autismi spektri spektrum autyzmu dello spettro autistico аутистического спектра autistického ispettru autismspektrumstörningar brain federal institute health justice department

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26 Responses to “Autism Epidemic Out of Control?”
  1. kgaccount says:

    Yesterday a woman told me her son had autism. I could tell it wasn’t severe because of the way she said it. Casual, as if she were telling me she had a Persian cat. That’s always my first clue to a mom who doesn’t have a truly autistic child. They don’t understand the seriousness of autism because their child isn’t autistic. Anyway, I was right. When I probed her, “Well, he’s not autistic anymore…he lost his diagnosis…he’s aspergers now.” I wanted to scream.

  2. kgaccount says:

    @patrick95350: Autism is now an industry. A buisness. Big money involved. Lots of scams. Con artists. Years ago, researchers began saying, “it’s too difficult to study non verbal autistics” Now everyone in studies is allegedly HF (high functioning). How interesting. It’s easier to show quick results with HF autism, or kids mislabeled autistic who then “recover” than it is to put time and effort into truly severely autistics. Researchers need quick results to keep grant money flowing.

  3. FynFlyte says:

    @kgaccount You make an excellent point.

  4. CactusRose33 says:

    @kgaccount Thanks for all of your insight. When I was a child I had seizures because I had a brain tumor. I had lots of problems before, during and after with developmental, but due to lack of care after the surgery I was never able to get any formal diagnoses to get assistance. Back then all of my issues could fall into various diagnoses (from what I have read up on.) Now as an adult I have no health care and am finding it hard to get assistance with out any “label” That is why I asked.

  5. kgaccount says:

    And yes, we all know approximately 30% of persons with autism have seizures. Or aggressive or self-injurious behaviors. These kids are primarily autistic with secondary issues. Then U have others like Jenny McCarthy’s son, who is now reported to actually have Landau Kleffner Sydrome, NOT autism. Autistic like, yes, , but not true autism.

  6. kgaccount says:

    Answer 2 CactusRose: U know U have the right diagnosis when 3-4 doctors from different disciplines exanine the child. Don’t rely on just ONE or even two doctors from same field. ie..Go to neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist and internal medicine specialists. Get a CLEAR picture of what’s happening. Once you rule out underlying medical issues like chromosomal abnormalities, allergies, abnormal brain structure, lead/mercury poisoning, etc…U R closer to a solid diagnosis and proper care

  7. kgaccount says:

    We are in a time of group hysteria and group think. Just like what happened after books about bi-polar kids came out. Suddenly, every kid was bi-polar. Before that, it was ADHD. Now it’s autism and PDD. All I’m saying is we have to be CAREFUL not to assign the autism label to persons who clearly have primary issues like Fragile X, Retts, fetal drug/alcohol syndrome, schizophrenia, oppositional defiant disorders, etc.. If we loosely apply autism, it DEVALUES and compromises diagnostic criteria.

  8. CactusRose33 says:

    I do agree with you that the label “Autism” sells.

  9. CactusRose33 says:

    How is anyone to know then whether they are getting the right diagnoses of anything then and get the right treatments and help?

  10. patrick95350 says:

    On a personal note, keep your chin up my dear. You are working your butt off for your boy and your family. I know you struggle. I hope you know you have people in the world sending you their strength and love, and to your beautiful son as well. Love & Blessings, Christine Rogers

  11. patrick95350 says:

    … cont. it’s sad and it’s wrong. Help should be there for all the kids and people who need it. I am so thankful that my children get and got therapies, and I feel so guilty that my niece did not get them. It’s not fair. So I think a lot of dr’s know that’s how it is and they give the ASD label to get services… fraud, yes. The thing to do is advocate for more services for PPD NOS etc. Then you’d get less fraudulent ASD dx’s in my opinion.

  12. patrick95350 says:

    The problem is it’s not shocking. A diagnosis of “Autism” is like a big green light, a ‘free pass’ into the world of getting support and services that children with other disabilities ALSO need, not just autistic kids. The problem can only be solved by making therapies and help more readily available to other disabilities/delays. For ex. both of my kids are high functioning ASD, they get help. My niece is very severely disabled, much more than my kids, but she gets much less help b/c no ASD dx

  13. kgaccount says:

    There are some wonderful people in the neurodiversity movement who are kind, discerning and care about people like Jamey, for that I am again, grateful. Please, get these fakes removed from among you so they don’t ruin your reputations as people with true aspergers.

  14. kgaccount says:

    One of these mental cases posing as aspergers had the audacity to question if Jamey was even my son, as if. Oh please. Now that is delusional thinking. Oh, and one of them insists I’m “a closet autistic.” Now that’s a new one. This is how crazy these folks who are faking aspergers and autism really are. They talk utter nonsense and confusion. Cast suspicions. Attack people. Very odd and they need to be weeded out of the aspergers and autism circles, as they are toxic.

  15. foresam says:

    Have you ever looked at the yahoo group Autism Mercury? I learned how to stop Sam’s head banging there. That was six years ago and he hasn’t banged his head since.

  16. TheAutumBlog says:

    @droooopy, thank you for the info regarding MalCase.

  17. TheAutumBlog says:

    Fortunately, it has been removed from WrongPlanet. :)

  18. kgaccount says:

    How many adult sociopaths, psychopaths and schizoids are out there conning docs into giving them a quick diagnosis of “aspergers” or “high functioning autism?” Plenty. It’s also highly suspect that the autism explosion is a direct result of vaccines or toxic air. No doubt, we live in a toxic world and vaccines aren’t always safe, but the real problem is overdiagnosing people with autism and aspergers today. It’s become a mockery and injustice towards families dealing with authentic autism

  19. kgaccount says:

    There is no doubt brain and body health make dramatic improvements I’m all for it

  20. foresam says:

    KG, Hi, they hate all autistic people because they’re all evidence of Pharma’s negligence. If everyone learns the truth, Pharma will go broke.
    My son was like yours, except with biting instead of punching. It’s finally gone thanks to chelation.

  21. kgaccount says:

    ASD Champ (but not a champ for complex cases of severe autism) How am I abusing my self abusive son? You clearly have NO idea the amount of time, protection and advocacy I’ve devoted to my son for over 19 years. IIt’s well documented. You wouldn’t last 19 days in this complex medical and behavioral situation. So please, stop discriminating against my son by pretending you are concerned. You are embarrasing yourselves, you know nada about my son.

  22. kgaccount says:

    Foresam, I didn’t know you from before, but the more i read your stuff, the saner I’m convinced U R…and I like your style. I can only say, like U, we must be careful to not get sucked into the game these people play who hate and discriminate against the severely autistic. It’s what they want. They are toxic people, waiting to dump their accusations and exploit everything we say to further some fanatical fake I’m autism agenda. That’s why they hate my son. They feign they care, but they don’t.

  23. budgenatorP says:

    No that’s not crazy, it’s pretty typical symptoms in Aspberger’s syndrome.

  24. kgaccount says:

    Be advised ASDchamp (ironic name) has also joined the twisted hateful email list. Sadly, my teen relative sent him a rather colorful email back telling him where to go, but who cares, really, it was warranted. ASD is NO champ for ASD. He/she is all about hate. Downplaying the needs of the severely autistic population. It’s okay, it could be worse. We could be in Haiti right now. We R blessed.

  25. ASDogGeek says:

    People shouldn’t be nasty to you and I aam looking forward to your next video take care.

  26. sarah says:

    well… i was just reading all of this and im thinking help? what help? i have NO help for my son who is PDD-NOS which i was told is a form of autism.. the first doctor said asbergers, the second said PDD-NOS.. i have tried contacting agencies and places for some sort of help but have not been very successful.. I finally got into WEAP in madison a few months ago to get on a waiver he has to sign up for by the time hes 8.. thats in a few weeks.. we almost missed the waiver to help for in home services.. now i have to wait to see if im approved and work my way down the list a year and maybe get some help but idk where u guys are coming up w/ all this “help” and stuff.. because i cant get any! my son is very hard to handle and times.. i have picked him up 3 times in the last 7 days from school because they were having such a hard time.. sad those people frauding the system are getting help and i cant get any! email me if u think u can help me.. thanks

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