A qυісk view frοm a parent’s perspective οח һеr daughter’s journey wіtһ autism.

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16 Responses to “Autism fascination”
  1. brendeska says:

    She is amazing!!

  2. hpbetterthantwilight says:

    she can draw good, and has good rhythym

  3. importspeedman says:

    I have beeen working with Eyris she is 4 and has Autism I have come up with a program that I built and she has gone from a 1 and a half yr. old level to a 3yr. old level of development in 3 mos. email me if you have any Questions?

  4. marcelbas says:

    Beautiful. And I love your choice for Beethoven. Probably his best and touching composition.

  5. kingcooper77 says:

    Excellent film, gives me a great deal of hope for our 4yr old daughter who is making steady but very noteable progress. Thankyou!

  6. davidvetter1 says:

    I like her speech patterns and her rhythmic cadences in talking. she will be great at piano and percussion and talking and learning and school and everything else. what a joy!

  7. gdnelson5 says:

    Wow, what a great video. My son is 6 and he too has taught us to see the world in a totally new and different way. Autism is heartbreaking, and yet heart transforming.

  8. lucieann21 says:

    1 word – AMAZING! Those pictures she drew are fantastic!

  9. thereiderfamily says:

    Wow! A female version of my son. He’s 5 now. It’s rare to see children that look so much like your own – they are all so different. I posted a video response, too. xoxo

  10. toogood4u97 says:

    Her artwork is amazing! I hope you keep sharing it with us! I noticed these are a couple years old, does she have any new artwork you could share with us!

  11. kiddlyjesus3000 says:

    dont ever worry to much i have aspergers and i am doing well i am an artist poet and musicain and i help my family out i am a big helper well i just want to tell your daughter not to ever give up she perfect the way she is

  12. toogood4u97 says:

    Your daughter is an amazing artist for her age! I hope you post more of myour familys videos, thank you so much for sharing~

  13. toogood4u97 says:

    You have a beautiful perfect daughter, she is absolutely brilliant. How proud of her you all must be!

    If the world was full of people that fit the same mold what a boring place it would be~ Its children like Brianna that bring true sunshine into it~

  14. aware4autism says:

    yay Brie! She is doing very well. Jade loves the Little Einsteins, too- and has a similar basket of instruments. :)

  15. genxer says:

    If that is Brie then she is doing amazing. It is quite amazing what can happen in 5 months.

  16. kevinfruet says:

    Awesome video!
    She is beatiful, just perfect!

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