simple explanation οf tһе diet.

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25 Responses to “Autism GFCF Diet Part ONE”
  1. BlackScarletLove says:

    how do I know if this is happening to me? the holes in the stomach, the opiate effect, etc.

  2. SJANELJ says:

    Thanks you so much for this information.

  3. materidouska286 says:

    Dear Phil, thank you soooo much for all of your videos. Enormous inspiration and hope-giving boost that is to many parents around the globe. Thank you.
    I wish I lived in a country where I could find a DAN doctor. My son is 3,5 and clearly on autistic spectrum but nobody “over here” does a thing. I am pushing for his evaluation but so far no luck. I basicaly live on Internet searching for all possible information how to help him on my own. Sometimes it is hard but thank God for Internet.

  4. despookyhhr says:

    Your son has come a long way..Keep up the good work! He looks great! I’m glad he doesn’t need to be strictly gf. It gets boring.

  5. PhilCommander2 says:

    for some children it might be…for others it might not be. Jake is no longer on strict gfcf at all.

  6. PhilCommander2 says:

    yes i believe its possible. my son actually doesnt have celiacs but i do believe some children on the spectrum could have celiacs disease.

  7. despookyhhr says:

    Is it possible that some of the success stories with the gf diet are actually cases of undiagnosed celiac disease? Did your son ever have a small bowel biopsy to rule out celiac disease?

  8. maricelarubioxox says:

    is this diet forever? i’m very new to this i have a child with autism.

  9. bernadine19 says:

    Good Job on explaining it,you really helped me with my essay……….

  10. fuclcjewtube says:

    just a question, how did you know that its only Casein and gluten isnt being digested in the stomach out of all the thousthands of minerals, vitamins that come from food

  11. mackgirl74 says:

    we are trying to start the gfcf diet, my son has been drinking lactaid milk, after he got off of formula, which was also lactose free, it gave him both diaherria and constipation. Is Lactaid milk ok on this diet? We called lactaid and they said it was both gluten and casein free. I just want to double check. thanks your videos are very helpful.

  12. robandkarens says:

    No, you don’t have to see a DAN doctor to implement the diet. My son was diagnosed in September, we began the diet in October, taking dairy out first the gluten. He went from completely nonverbal and anti social to babling and social. I sat and watched him chasing my nephew laughing. This diet WORKS!

  13. Asylumelissa says:

    I am starting to implement the GFCF diet. I’m reading Lisa Lewis’ first book (Special Diets). I’ve also called a “local” DAN! Dr. (who is 3 hours away). Is it outrageous to charge $600 for the initial visit or am I just crazy? Can I do this WITHOUT a doctor? Isn’t there someone out there who won’t charge me my life savings (which isn’t enough to cover the initial visit to a DAN! Dr) and help me do this nutritionally? I’m a bit frustrated. Any advice would be awesome.

  14. Asylumelissa says:

    Eat your words.

  15. rockinaz67 says:

    I have gone back and forth with the gfcf diet for my two sons. Both of my son’s 7 and 5 years old have high functioning autism. My oldest is higher functioning than his brother, and I am confident he will lead a independent life. Yet, he still has issues. My youngest I am more concerned about for his future. He had early intervention with therapies, but only eliminating most dairy products. I know that the diet is most effective between the ages of 2-5. I am looking for some good advice.

  16. simsim198 says:

    i’m so glad i found your videos again! i used to watch you a few years back and you answered my questions very well! thanks a lot for this video i’m subscribing immediately!

  17. MagnusHelmsman says:

    learn how to spell android
    This diet is great. Also, food dyes should be avoided and organic food is better. Even chemicals in cleaning supplies can harm more sensitive individuals.

  18. oxoloraoxo says:

    god ur so gay ant you gt nowt better 2 do u nerd omigod

  19. flirefly83 says:

    I found the DAN! Dr, and have an appointment in the next 6-8 weeks. I have already switched things over like, cleaning products, cook-wear, laundry detergent, took him off dairy, and we have already seen a big difference in him! his teacher’s and the speech therapist note a BIG difference! It’s already looking very positive!

  20. katiecelis says:

    The very best thing to do is to google “DAN! Doctor” in your area/state. These Dr.s are dedicated to the recovery of autism through diet and nutrition. They will do an allergy test on your child to find out exactly what foods they may be sensitive to and then they will help you and guide you through the process of starting the change. It can be done on your own, but having help will make it so much easier!! Good luck!

  21. flirefly83 says:

    *Also, I have to hold him down.. and pry his mouth open to give him medicin.. I don’t know if i will be able to actually get the suppliments in him.

  22. flirefly83 says:

    My son has autism, but mild. I really want to do this diet, but he only eats about 5 different things. Any suggestions??

  23. infinite411 says:

    My younger brother was diagnosed with autism. He dosen’t like milk. When ever he asks for cereal, he always stops me before adding the milk. Can it be he just doesn’t like milk ( I don’t like it it gives me the runs ) or can it be something else?

  24. PhilCommander2 says:

    im so sorry i never replied to this comment! yes, many adults with autism have seen dramatic effects from the removal of wheat and/or dairy from their diets. DRAMATIC!

  25. KimmyKrocker says:

    I’m favoriting your diet vids to my new kimmykrocker channel…I think it should be a prerequisite for anyone starting the diet to see Phil Commander’s videos!! ;) Thanks for everything…keep up the great work!

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