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26 Responses to “Autism GFCF PART TWO”
  1. Xisana11 says:

    I just started this diet about a month ago with my sons. They have not been diagnosed with Autism. However the tantrums were out of control–nonstop from morning til night. The improvement I have seen in both of them is amazing. They are still active and crazy preschoolers, but there is a calm about them that I haven’t seen in a very long time and our days have gone so much smoother. Once we got the hang of it, this diet is pretty simple. And my kids actually have a better appetite than before

  2. HealthHomeHappy says:

    We started with the GFCF diet last summer- yeah huge turnaround :) then she started regressing so we did GAPS/SCD, which has been helping. I know you said that if you stay on GFCF with SCD, but we’ve seen good improvements with raw milk kefir. Been enjoying your videos this evening, thanks for posting!

  3. kimi42 says:

    thanks for responding, and the links, i’ve yet to look through them, will get back to you again, nice one.

  4. PhilCommander2 says:

    many children do have an allergic reaction to eggs. Jake did.

  5. kimi42 says:

    Can you eat eggs?

  6. 312827JCK says:

    Thank you very much I am very glad that I found your video… Blessing

  7. maricelarubioxox says:

    i’m very new to this diet but what i have research is that soy is not good if you want to put a child in gfcf diet. because i was thinking that too…

  8. Mamma2Mason says:

    I have had my 21 month old on the GFCF diet for 2 1/2 weeks. Since taking him off gluten and casein we have seen a HUGE increase in fine motor skills, increase in verbalization, decrease in diarrhea, decrease in bloating, decrease in stomach aces, etc. But, we have also seen regression. The DAN! method (Defeat Autism Now!) devotes the first three months to healing the gut. My son’s gut was in really bad shape before the diet, it will take a while to heal. I am very optimistic it will help.

  9. msleetaylor30 says:

    I somewhat on GFCF diet. My son is 17 months and he is a natural picky eater so if I dont give soy milk he wont get the potein he needs what should I do. you also mention that no sweets how long they do have GFCF sweets? if how long before he can get brown rice snacks.

  10. JennieFarrell says:

    Thanks for the “water only” comment, I needed to hear that at this moment in time and have implemented it today! Blessings to you!

  11. snorodent says:

    My 2.5 year old son is on the GFCF diet. 3 months now. Within 4 days maybe a week, he was finally talking. A couple months in, he started testing out of early intervention. Also cleared up his bowel issues. We eat alot of beans, GFCF baked goods, and rice products. Soy makes him crazy. Its not that hard to follow. recently he got a wheat cookie. Set him back instantly.. flapping, barking, running in circles. We’ll get back on track, and start b12 shots soon. a GFCF board helps alot!

  12. lovthatlea says:

    Well its a little fence sitting but OK. I’m just hoping you don’t vax Jake again. He could lose all his gains.

  13. PhilCommander2 says:

    I am always open to the possibility that vaccines could set off a series of events in our childrens young bodies that lead to yeast, leaky gut, and possibly other conditions that could cause autistic behaviors.
    So i personally feel that theres a real chance that vaccines ultimately could be responsible for autistic behaviors in many children that do lead to them being diagnosed with autism.
    I hope that i didnt sound like a politician answering that, but its how i really do feel.

  14. lovthatlea says:

    Do you think vaccines have anything to do with autism?

  15. solanads says:

    Great!!! I watched part one and then this. You hit the nail on the head with some parents. Believe me, this diet works!! My daughter is more receptive, social, hardly any tantrums, and I am excited. Thank you for this!! Blessed be.

  16. drtompat says:

    Thanks for the video, my son never had many signs of the leaky gut syndrome, and was not a hand flapper, etc. etc. so I rationalized that the diet would be too difficult and inconvienent. But I watched Dr. Kurts video and then yours, and you put me over the edge. I’m going to give it a good try and I think it will be worth the effort and sacrifice. Heck, maybe I’ll go on it myself and shed some of those post thirty pounds. Thanks, you’re very persuavive (in the best sense of the word).

  17. PhilCommander2 says:

    raw does mean not cooked. canned fruit is cooked. so it has to be from the produce dept at a grocery store.

  18. LincolnandHutton says:

    “breaking the vicious cycle”- I am confused- does all the fruit you eat need to be cooked first- the use of the term “raw” in the book was throwing me off -not sure if gottschall meant raw as in not canned or raw as in not canned and not cooked- I cant find the pages to quote- im juggling a newborn-thank you for your time and vids Lincoln and I have been GFCF as well as no corn no soy & almost always no nuts-for a yr but Lincoln is starting some of his old behaviors again -I think this will help

  19. sunnisusie says:

    Thank you for this video! I have just started looking into diet and supplements for my son and I am one of those moms that has been overwhelmed ! I can certainly do those 4 things while researching and trying to find a doctor.

  20. starsweet4 says:

    YES.. i used to have no allergies or anything, but in my 20s started to break out with eczema randomly. it was very painful and itchy. it went away 95% once i went GF/CF (and off eggs, peanuts, soy). there is a connection somewhere, i also had a lot of dental amalgams which i got removed around the same time. coincidence?

  21. PhilCommander2 says:

    theres a possibility…

  22. kwestionEverything says:

    will this diet benefit those without autism in any way?

  23. PhilCommander2 says:

    i hope you think steve baldwin is attractive!!! LOL

  24. ashleyd22 says:

    Thx for the info. I have 2 lil girls on the spectrum. I amgoing to try the diet out for a month. Way off thesubject butyou look like Steve Baldwin, lol.

  25. royalsteven says:

    Good, informative videos Phil. I’m also convinced a diet without sugar will improve anybody’s meantal & psychical health. But I want to know if this diet would help with all ages? Adults too?

  26. kim says:

    I tried this for my son who is 2.5. He used to talk until is vaccines, I finally convinced my dr. to get my son an evaluation. Help arrived via a speech therapist, special needs therapist and an O.T, they shared with me their knowledge of the benefits and the turnaround of a GFCF diet. I went to a natropath and started the diet- WOW instant SUCCESS !!! My son resumed his development. His old words came back and now he communicates. This is still a work in progress. Week one when the milk left is body I noticed remarkable behavior and speech. We are on 6 weeks and each day progresses. It is not inconvenient it is necessary.

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