1st Book Asperger Syndrome аחԁ Yουr Child bу Michael Powers w/Janet Poland (forward bу Liane Holliday Willey, author οf Pretending Tο Bе Normal) 2nd book Solutions fοr Adults wіtһ Aspergers Syndrome bу Jaunita Lovett іf уουr child іѕ diagnosed wіtһ autism οr pdd οr pddnos tһіחk οf learning аbουt Asperger Syndrome аѕ early intervention fοr YOU. Chances аrе tһаt ѕοmе οf уουr childs behavior (еіtһеr current behavior οr future behavior) саח better bе understood bу understanding aspergers syndrome. If уου understand aspergers аחԁ уουr child ѕtаrtѕ tο ѕһοw ѕοmе traits tһеח tһеѕе traits wont bе coming out οf left field fοr уου аחԁ уου wіƖƖ understand tһеm аחԁ bе аbƖе tο work wіtһ аחԁ utilize tһеѕе traits rаtһеr tһаח fighting against tһеѕе traits іח уουr efforts tο erase tһеm. Tһіѕ саח bе very harmful tο уουr childs psyche аחԁ tο уουr stress level! Thanks fοr watching!

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21 Responses to “Autism Giving Your Child Skills #7”
  1. PhilCommander2 says:

    In addition to gaining insight into what is going on their heads the parent will also get a better understanding of what elements of their childs behavior are actually their childs personality…a personality that has some asperger traits/behaviors. Hopefully when they understand that these traits/behaviors are their childs personality they will try to modify them but not eliminate them which causes stress, anxiety, and low self esteem in the child.
    Thanks for your comment!

  2. baqaqi says:

    I find it very interesting how you talk about distinguishing Aspergers type traits in autistic children, because I’ve always gone at it the other direction: understanding the autistic traits that distinguish individuals with AS from the NT. It had not occurred to me that recognizing AS in people who were able to communicate well allowed people to get a better insight into what is going on in the heads of people with lower functioning forms of autism.

  3. Momtomom111 says:

    Thank you so much for all your videos Phil.
    You are simply amazing and give so much hope to us. Thanks a million

  4. iranandiran says:

    You are a breath of fresh air…thank you!!!

  5. ascend2luv says:

    Absolutely, just 520 years ago people KNEW the world was flat. 120 years ago the idea that machines would fly people across the world was pure fantasy. In the expansion of human awareness and quantum growth of technology. New facts replace old facts it creates discomfort when it fails to conform to our “accepted” belief patterns.

  6. 666sigma says:

    The one area that you only touched on is that having a different viewpoint or way of thinking can be an advantage. Yes, it can put you at a disadvantage socially, but intellect can compensate for that.

    However, every major breakthrough (science, math, art, music, technology, etc.) is always made by someone who thinks differently. ALWAYS! Even the smartest “mainstream” thinker is rarely capable of anything more than incremental advancement.

    If you don’t believe, let history be your guide.

  7. 666sigma says:

    Education? Try Corporate America!

  8. Sitheis2009 says:

    I’ve wonderd when you were going to make another video. Thankyou for finaly making it. When will the next video be?

  9. PhilCommander2 says:

    Thankyou sanpob1! They have made such a difference for me and Jake.

  10. Serge165 says:

    It was on his 1999 Tirade I believe and I saw it many times before Diviano’s acount was shut down by the man of course. ISn’t hat the one with the bumpersticker bit? :) *extends hand*

  11. ascend2luv says:

    have you seen video “George Carlin – Teach your children to question?” it sums it up for me :D

  12. sanpob1 says:

    thanks for the information. I just bought both books.

  13. Serge165 says:

    Isn’t it the biggest Irony in the world LOL?

  14. ascend2luv says:

    ROFL, what a brilliant observation and turn of phrase, Serge “JZ” but to think otherwise requires stepping outside of the box, most do not think objectively about how the education system operates by a system of rote/echolalia we are a society of “repeaters”, we are told to memorise facts figures solutions and our ability is measured by how well we memorise and repeat back in an test We’re not rewarded for questioning those facts or dealing with them in a different way. *hugs* C x

  15. Serge165 says:

    I agree full force. Meow L@@K, its a Caz *takes photos* *Then retreats* Next up, the Ghost hunters Vs teh Wayshowers

  16. ascend2luv says:

    Phil I agree “many people fight their child’s traits”, been there got the tee-shirt and ended up waving the white flag. Until I learned to accept and work at a pace determined by my kids all our energy went into this clash of willpower, which I could never win. The child is the one who determines the pace. Acceptance + respect bring huge rewards we have to meet the kids at least half way, whilst rembering that verbal or spoken language is only part of how we communicate. Great Vid

  17. jon2xu says:

    Good video phil.

  18. angel0164 says:

    Hi Phil
    I work with autistic children and you explain this very very well.

  19. Serge165 says:

    On a side note, you’d think people would want echolalia because that’s how schools run anyway, LOL :)

  20. Serge165 says:

    our need to cling to old cultural memes and ideas/idiocyncrasies that are ineffective due to our return to Atlantean paradigms. Parents like yourself and my parents who are raising Children like me for instance cling to external sources only because we cannot communicate in a manner or language you can understand. I have also come to understand, dear Phil that the ignorance society is in is a contribed one. We have to dig our way out of a hole we’ve created.

  21. Serge165 says:

    We don’t offtimes use a skill that is taught to us by parents in an expected (not normal) fashion because to us, the skill makes no sense. it has come to my attention that for instance, many Autistic children who cannot speak are telepathic. We all used to be and I believe it was through westernization. As for echolalia and scripting — personally, I script all the damn time. usually its entire films, but it can change. These are actually unused skills that we don’t tap into because of –

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