i ѕаіԁ wе ԁіԁ tһе Oral B12…I meant ORAL GLUTATHIONE!!!! video talking аbουt Jakes Glutathione IVs аחԁ tһе results wе saw using tһеm.

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25 Responses to “Autism Glutathione IVs”
  1. runtubefantasy says:

    lol your kid is a cutie pie.!

  2. SuchaCaligrrl says:

    Wow… Jake looks great like any normal child. Great Job dad.

  3. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Zeolite powder is the gold standard, dirt cheap and no side effects. Don’t do dmsa. Don’t drink fluoridated water either, get a water distiller.

  4. PhilCommander2 says:

    no, she was jakes nurse. but she didnt go around saying that all biomedical worked for her…she saw nothing from Mb12 shots.

  5. CDFoakley says:

    Interesting, glutathione is found in avocados. Also, has the person whose child U mention “spoke” after IV glutathoine, –has that person made a you tube video talking about this?

  6. jazyskowski says:

    Protandim(R) is clinically proven to increase Glutathione production 300%, in addition to increasing Catalase, SOD and almost 2 dozen other antioxident enzymes that our cells naturally produced when we were 20 years old and younger! Check out my videos for more info on this true scientific breakthrough!

  7. darrenmcnulty says:

    To add, there are numerous people that have additional disabilities along with PDD’s. Recognizing other disabilities will also help us understand how the problem relates internally.

    There is likely something controlling the physiology of the brain as it develops and continually evolves over the long term. Genetics plays a huge role in autism.

  8. darrenmcnulty says:

    Like many, I’ve done some research. Autism is perplexing in how it works and I have sought out answers and commonalities for people along the entire spectrum.

    The amygdalae size (larger) is a substantial reason for autism. The genetic link is that these two particular portions in the brain remains proportional throughout the development of individuals.

    In part, that is why the treatment described (glutathione) is affective in some and not others.

  9. cougarella1 says:

    DrKellerVideo[.]com –

  10. giveyourmax says:

    Click on my Channel to learn more about a product that increases Glutathione in each cell of your body.

  11. hopethb says:

    It is amazing how Jake is recovering. would tell us about before Glutathione IV shot there is any test you take from Jake.
    I also ask you same question about B12 shot if Jake take a blood test before the shot.
    Also can you tell us the doctor give Jake the treatment.
    If you write a book it will be nice. can you write a book about Jack recovery.
    Thank you for sharing

  12. Aislan4414 says:

    He is sweet 8)

  13. SCOTTDAVIDSON32 says:

    hello I sell max gxl and id be glad to send you a free one week sample max gxl supplies your body with the materials to make Glutathione naturally within the cell let me know best wishes!

  14. secgem says:

    Cute kid – I love him yelling – it is “sweating HOT out here!” ;) LOL Thanks for sharing his progress!

  15. secgem says:

    I’ve had Glutathione slow push I.V. since April 08 and have been feeling GREAT! :) I have Hep C, Hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue.

  16. silverio82 says:

    question pls… in terms of glutathione tablets, how young can a child start taking the pills (i.e for my son who has acute asthma).. where do I get the best product?

  17. elcd06 says:

    I work very closely with one of the top Scientists in north america regarding GSH. Yes GSH IV’s do work but as you said alot of kids will not do this.
    We do have a product that has been clinically proven to raise GSH and numerous parents have their children on this with great results. There is no juice or berry that can do this.
    We are currently doing clinical trials in Florida and these clinicals will be released soon. If you require more information please email me.

  18. jogobeef says:

    You are enthusiatic, single minded and so very intuative. As a parent of an autistic child, I love the way you are so very free with your accounts and excerpts of Jake. My husband is convinced that the problem with our son is genetic. AND THAT’S THAT !!! I
    myself am “open to discussion”.

    Thankyou for being there


  19. weakbody says:

    What is the cost of Glutathion IV?

  20. tobos5 says:

    Jake is such a sweet boy! I hope he is doing well. I came across your vidoeo as I was looking up maxgxl. I’m curious if you haved tried this method for Jake. It not invasive..just a supplement that has been dramatically improving peoples lives.
    Good luck to you and Jake!

  21. munkedalareee says:

    Why does Jake get Glut IVs?

  22. helga52001 says:

    I feel for you,, goodluck with everything

  23. Scanlonam says:

    I also noticed from watching Jake run-although you expect his elder sister to beat him-that he might have some trouble in areas like interhemispheric communication, crossing his midline, and rhythm/timing. For issues like that, there are movement therapy programs that require ten minutes of excercises a day such as INPP and HANDLE. For rhythm and int.comm, there are programs such as interactive metronome, all of which have been used on autistic people.

  24. Scanlonam says:

    I’m sorry, I should have said if TLP was NOT a very good fit. TLP is very good for people like who simply learning disabilities with a strong auditory component. But fixing auditory issues in an autistic child, might be more demanding.
    In fact, if the BDNF + white noise, model of autism is true than it suggests that the auditory component to autism is profound.

  25. Scanlonam says:

    Watching Jake, I notice some interesting features in the way he talks. Listening to Jake talk, it sounds to me that either he is getting some exposure to SouthAm English, or his sense of phonemes are not terribly strong. This suggests that he’d get a lot of mileage out of some kind of auditory training, even if TLP was a good fit.

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