Autism – home intervention Pаrt 2

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23 Responses to “Autism – home intervention Part 2”
  1. MONIQUEIJ says:

    i hope i don’t get bashed for this but ( i have no kids yet but i will 1day)
    if my child was ever diagnose with autism i would not cry, i will raise my child to know being different is not a horror but a blessing and i will support my child to the fullest. i would not ever try to make my child play with other i remeber how much i hated it when it was done to me

  2. PlyAndTaven says:

    You need to do the research, there are No proven, links with the mercury they use to preserve vaccines and autism. They are now taking any mercury out of vaccines.

  3. diamondmacsr says:

    there is a right to refuse some shots! research on the shots with high levels of mercury.

  4. diamondmacsr says:

    its seems weird also. If we all have our vaccines, why are they still vaccinating children. Why is there still a need. And why do they take a child out the womb, then prick them with a needle automatically. without your consent or concern. this is ridiculous. remember hiv was put in hep b vaccines back in the mid to late 70′s, purposely infecting ppl with the virus. now our children are being pumped with fuking mercury. now my child will be due for her next set, i dnt think i will do it….

  5. diamondmacsr says:

    i stopped part 2 a2 2:03 i cant take it anymore. this is absurd the way they are being ridiculed and treatd like they aren’t good parents. autism was purposely imposed on newborn when born. the hep b vaccines for the newborn infant is a dose for a person weighed at 245lbs. that is sad then want to make the parents feel bad. basically a way to control the masses mind. You do this to our children, then make meds for children such as meds for ADD. Sad. But what can we do? Seriously? Can anyone help

  6. stefanjowell says:

    Incredible parents! Before critizicing remember children do not come with a manual. Parents of children with austism or other special needs rneed professional support which includes teaching them the right techniques to teach to their child grow and develop. They also need to connect with a parents group to hear success stories from other parents. Help is out there! I am a great believer that all children can learn, but sometimes it requires one step at a time

  7. WyckedMoon says:

    How to handle a special needs child Play with him, sing with him, dance with him. ATTENTION and loads of it. Positive attention,. he gets plenty of negative attention.. NO wonder he still has problems

  8. WyckedMoon says:

    My son has been recently diagnosed with Aspergers. However, WE as a parent should always follow through with rules. Not just pftt whatever Take time time and work with our children. Stop being Sooo lazy and self centered and FOCUS on the children.

  9. ambermdonnelly says:

    Do not judge the parents of a child with autism, until you walk a mile in their shoes. It is a difficult journey and although we may make mistakes we love our kids on the spectrum!

  10. aishluvzme says:


  11. tfacente says:

    We are contractually obligated not to respond but I will say you have no clue to all of you who want to post negative comments. – Trae

  12. Kin2heaven97 says:

    Helllllo! Mom, you have internet! Look up Autism! Your son has it!

  13. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Supernanny did a great speech.

    What I love is that these parents were honest. I also noticed that husband took his wife’s hand as she got nervous & that brought me a lot of hope for them.

    There’s a real man.

    Anyone can make mistakes & give up, but it takes a man to say, “There’s no excuse” good for him. I loved those words prior to taking her hand. That’s a man to fess up quickly when truth comes out. “I have no idea what to do,” “breaks my heart,” & “I’m ashamed.” There’s power.

  14. lisababy4lyfe says:

    I feel they need friends who are families with autistic children, that way they can also help eachother out. I’m also mildly autistic (PDD – Pervasive Developmental DIsorder) and back then when I was diagnosed my mom felt alone. Now a days, autism is a big epidemic.

  15. HoneyNVinegar says:

    It’s the people who are ZOMG DEVASTATED that their children are autistic. I see it as an opportunity to explore other worlds in another person’s mind.

  16. HoneyNVinegar says:

    THANK YOU! My son is in special needs for his autism–five and still in pull-ups, doesn’t really talk unless it’s echolaleia, so much else, and I wouldn’t change him a BIT.

  17. everlastingchill says:

    I love supernanny!

  18. abram730 says:

    DEATHBYFLYINGCDS I was going to post but you said it great.


    Why must society require some big event of some sort to overcome such a pathetic instinct. If anything I consider as an autistic that autism is a step forward in our genetic development. People spend their entire lives trying to achieve the level of focus that comes soo naturaly to us from birth. People spend their entire lives trying to make their children into the next Einstein, yet they ignore what Einstein actualy was and only want the easiest traits to handle rather than the best ones.


    THANKYOU! But unfortunatly being an autistic means we are going to naturaly be descriminated against, it’s unfortunately animal instinct to isolate somone who is different from everyone else. Society still has not gotten rid of it’s animal behavior.

  21. TravelMan9834 says:

    Thank you for posting this JenGem. I’m an advocate for autisim.

  22. annaliz1981 says:

    How is trying to create a structured environment for a child so he can communicate his needs and establish a relationship with those around him, not treating him like he’s human?

  23. JenGem says:

    I wish that people would not act like being autistic was a horrible problem. It’s a day to day thing that some kids have- just as simple as one kid being shy or another with anger issues. Treating them like they are odd will never help. I understand it’s hard- but teat kids like humans for crying out loud!!!

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