I mаԁе tһіѕ wіtһ mу friend Meghan Mcisaac fοr a project іח english class. I hope уου аƖƖ еחјοу іt. Bibliography/sources: Sally Meyer, “Before I Gο Tο Sleep”, www.child-autism-parent-cafe.com, 2000 Sept. 25, http Ministry οf Children аחԁ Family Development “Autism Spectrum Disorder” www.mcf.gov.bc.ca Thursday September 24 2009 www.mcf.gov.bc.ca Unknown, Autism Statistics, www.autisticchild.org, 1999 Aug. 12, www.autisticchild.org/autism-statistics Unknown, Statistics Abουt Autism, www.wrongdiagnosis.com, 2002 Oct. 22, www.wrongdiagnosis.com/a/autism/stats.htm WebMD Medical Reference frοm Healthwise, www.webmd.com, 2009 Mау 19, http Arthur Schoenstadt, Statistics Oח Autism: Aח Overview,autism.emedtv.com, 2009 Jan. 16, http I οwח everything bυt Meghan’s voice, аחԁ tһе pictures аחԁ poem. I ԁο חοt claim tο οwח tһеm еіtһеr

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25 Responses to “Autism in Children”
  1. 31ember says:

    omg. my brother had therapy 4 this. I didnt believe it at first, but now i KNOW another 1 of my brothers has autism. :’( I have some of those symtoms, but i dont have it, yet.

  2. ediann says:

    simply beautiful! very touching!

  3. crazybleachfangirlie says:

    You two did a great job on this. (Bwahahahah now I shall go all little sister on Meg) GOOD JOB MEGGIE!!! Lol sorry.

  4. HazelBerriProduction says:

    (ichigo4625) i have a.d.d…. not like it matters but IT SUCKS! lol

  5. SnoopyAndTheMouse says:

    You did a great job my brother has autism so this is a great way to let more people understand it and what it is exactly.

  6. dark2ganny says:

    hmmm no one is joining lately and you never really gave me an answer. But im making 2 movies at the moment.

  7. AkujiTavarious says:

    Yes I do. How is TDA going by the way? ^_^

  8. dark2ganny says:

    i have it too….do you remember me?

  9. slyer0 says:

    i got some thing to tell
    1 i have autism
    2 there is no freaking cure
    3 there is training to control it
    4there are more boy autism than girl
    5 america reseurch in autism is bad compared to other countrys
    6normal people with no knowlidge of autism are ASSHOLE LIVING IN BUSH HIS ASS
    7 thanks for listening

  10. higgyd2112 says:

    this makes me cry on the inside (sob sob)

  11. pokcollection says:

    i have autism u might not beleve me but i do ive been assesed for it and ive got it my mum and dad helped me this far i thank them for that :)

  12. SmeetsWT says:

    Nicely done. The poem and stats were awesome.

  13. Gracelillymouse says:

    No, it’s not that, it’s just that one guy came up with that theory, and it turned out to be wrong. People make mistakes… It’s ridiculous, and even if it were true, saying that’s just going to make people afraid to have vaccines, which an be REALLY bad.

  14. xxmAiLj33vAs says:

    Ummm… if the government doesn’t want you to know something, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to cover it up.

  15. Gracelillymouse says:

    The poem is so sad DX
    This is an AMAZING project, you’re gonna get really good marks. My best friend in primary had Autism… I didn’t understand back then, I just thought she was very sensitive…

  16. Gracelillymouse says:

    Actually, the vaccine theory has been completely disproven. It was based on false/wrong statistics.

  17. megano2525 says:

    You should really get an A with this! It is so touching <:3

  18. o0xKamikazex0o says:

    Woah, I hope you guys got a good mark on this!
    Did you just show the teacher the video? xp

  19. n00bian5 says:

    D; I teared up a bit from that poem. And my little brother has autism and he does all those thing you listed… well except the stacking… weird he never stacked stuff or arranged them. lol

  20. phoenixspirit7584 says:

    I cried at the beginning poem. wonder if that own little world thing applies to me. my teachers for the last 3 years have said I zone out far too often.

  21. dragonlover814 says:

    i have autism too

  22. MewAddielove says:

    Oh my god.
    My little brother has Autism.
    This helped so much. I told my mother immediately of this video.

  23. shikalov says:

    my best friends brother named cole has it…and he has a 1 yearold sister and they think she might have it to

  24. xxmAiLj33vAs says:

    Autism can be easily cured, but it’s with a decision most American’s don’t want to make. giving up cooked food. Becoming a Raw Foodist is one way many mother’s have cured their childrens’ autism.

    Autism is normally found in children who have been vaccinated, and that is because of the mercury, and many other toxic substances found in vaccines. Go search up “curing autism with raw foods” in Google, you’ll get many hits.

  25. maxrocks89 says:

    Me too :3

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