A documentary οח аח autistic woman’s inner world, һеr writing, аחԁ tһе friends ѕһе mаԁе wһіƖе іח college. Nominated fοr Oscar 2005.

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11 Responses to “Autism is a world (part 3/5)”
  1. ryanh206 says:

    Gambling, Yay!

  2. tarynactress says:

    @drgreatwhites: I’m the mother of two children with Autism and they are magical and wonderful! YOU are not awful, YOU are wonderful! :-)

  3. bunnyz324 says:

    i know its hard for a person with autism to get into college
    they should be in the transition program

  4. ungata101 says:

    no no laughing

  5. gorramdoll says:

    it sucked when the professor asked her the question and it took her so long to answer. That must be really rough on her.

  6. TheSophist2007 says:

    It is, but as the title says: two separate worlds

  7. MONIQUEIJ says:

    was those students in the class laughing at her, that awful

  8. drtgreatwhites says:

    awful Autism- I am Person with autism and Too and I am Not awful

  9. drtgreatwhites says:

    I Took World Religions too at Mesa Community College

  10. ungata101 says:

    I watched more than 10 times I loved it

  11. AutisticWhoLives4God says:

    I hope this gets more views in the future. I borrowed this movie from the library and watched it today.

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