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25 Responses to “Autism: Is it Really the Mercury?”
  1. Doenietmeermee says:

    @FreeUpYourMind I just looked at CIA fact sheets, we in Europe have hormons in the water, first country on the birth list european is france with a birth rate of 1,97. all other european countries are far down on the list of about 240 something countries. France is like 120th. Most european countries are at 1.6 or lower

  2. warknit says:

    wow i never knew such things man this is supriseing

  3. mrnat805 says:

    @Litestyle0o The vaccine causing autism (the MMR) does not have mercury in it.

  4. LiteStyle0o says:

    I have a question for Sean.
    Do you think that amalgam fillings can build mercury up in the man & pass on traits to the child? Or even affect the sperm in a way that can affect the children?

  5. LiteStyle0o says:

    Did I mention it is near impossible to rid your body of mercury…

  6. LiteStyle0o says:

    @mrnat805 Do you realize that there are significant amounts of mercury in vaccines?

  7. LiteStyle0o says:

    @Chaaarge Yes. A lot of fish is now contaminated with high amounts of mercury. This is not natural of course it’s due to mans insatiable thirst for power using the means of currency. we’ve polluted land, air & water for decades now in pursuit of profit. Try something like tongal. it too is most likely contaminated but may not have as high amounts. Also be aware that silver fillings in your mouth release mercury every time you chomp, swallow, & breath pretty much.
    YES we are their guinea pigs!

  8. mrnat805 says:

    Autism is not related to mercury. It is subacute sclerosing panenecephilitis. The measles virus protein resembles myelin sheeth and causes autoimmunity to myelin. Vaccines are the true weapons of mass destruction, research drcarleydotcom or search her name Dr Rebecca Carley here on youtube and learn the true epidemic, vaccines.

  9. rjsparkles27 says:

    thank you for talking about autism !

  10. marpoq says:

    you should interview russel blaylock :)

  11. purenergyhealing says:

    @Chaaarge yes

  12. ElmahdiiEl says:

    Every since the european brought small pox on blankets to native americans, The dis-ease issue has been an ongoing battle on the DNA of man. This is a scientific military strategy plan while the CDC is a military institution. They truly want to stop bonding by creating incredible promiscuity so no one happy with anyone else except their 1 night stands & then they will be no offspring or take it to planned parenthood while destroying the family unit. Margret sanger would be proud.

  13. theapc816 says:

    @Chaaarge yes tuna is a predatory fish so it collects mercury from consuming smaller fish. mercury in fish is up two-to-three three times preindustrial levels due to contamination from coal power plants, though fish was a dietary staple for many paleolithic humans. so if one were to eat three times less fish than some of our ancestors they would be consuming an amount of methylmercury for which they are likely well adapted to handle.

    but thimerosal is ethylmercury, so potentially different.

  14. chiyerano says:

    Sounds like an interesting interview. Thanks for sharing.

  15. therunningpianist42 says:

    @Chaaarge: If it’s low-fat and from farmed fish chances are it’s pretty high in mercury.

  16. Chaaarge says:

    I eat a lot of canned tuna. But I heard it has a pretty high mercury content, is that true?

  17. FreeUpYourMind says:

    @Nudelsalatbomber: Don’t be so rude by making assumptions. I have done quite a bit of my own research and have heard things from both sides. I enjoy Sean’s videos and radio show and would love to hear it discussed there… that does not make me lazy : )

  18. Nudelsalatbomber says:

    @FreeUpYourMind, don´t be so lazy! visit google and do your research!

  19. kropotof says:

    @FreeUpYourMind i d’like too.. i think birth control pills would be a great issue for a future video.

  20. kab2462 says:

    @FreeUpYourMind – Same here! Hope it’s on the list for a future program, Sean.

  21. H0tkebab says:

    I wish I knew this before I was born, then I wouldn’t have autism today.

  22. TheJovanist says:

    I wish I had a Mercury resistance body.

  23. escape889 says:

    It these parents out there that freak out about vaccines cuz of 1 incidents is
    the reason kids are spreading more viruses and deaths, stop being stupid, people are actually trying to help you..

  24. loloioi says:

    @TheInternetLeader THE WORLD IS UNDER CONSTANT CHEMICAL ATTACK. just saying ^^;;

  25. Wenona1975 says:

    Yes, I agree a show about hormonal contraception would be very good. Good idea, radzio. I was on the pill for about 5 years before finding out it was bad for me.

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