Aח Alaskan, Autistic Scientist ԁеѕсrіbеѕ һеr bеаυtіfυƖ autistic mind.

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25 Responses to “Autism is Synonymous With Science”
  1. EyesOnAMD says:

    couches must be perfect for you when you want to sit and talk to someone :)

    thank you for sharing this video with us all.

  2. blackstarzero says:

    From one aspie to another great video.

  3. springrobin says:


    Oh my gosh I haven’t heard of makaton since leaving England. My brother’s autistic and with him I learned BSL Makaton and now ASL. Cool where you from that Makaton was around and introduced to you?

  4. springrobin says:

    I vote for the book tittle “How to lose friends and alienneurotypicals” !! HA! brilliant!

  5. skyblupinkltd says:

    i like the 1st title ;)

  6. freewaydoggy says:

    I LOVE the 80′s songs! :D

  7. labpet says:

    Hi cyberscan, Wrong Planet friend. I know some sign but I use a NEO quite a lot, which I like. To write is congruent with my thought, and, like you, speaking is as if translating……& I don’t do the social nuances either. Makaton is a ‘new’ variant of sign and designed for Autistics – compelling. In preference, I’d almost wish verbal speech would not exist but I recognize Neurotypicals need to communicate in this manner. Although I can & do speak it always feel foreign. Thanks cyberscan!

  8. boltwevl says:

    Hi, this is cyberscan from the Wrong Planet. I just got around to seeing your video. It is nice to see someone else who’s mind works like mine. I too also prefer written communication. I do use signing as well. How about you?

  9. labpet says:

    Thank you, & for your contributions to the Wrong Planet.

  10. DenvrDave says:

    Hi I really liked your video. 5 stars! Thanks for sharing.

  11. labpet says:

    Thank you – others thought the music would fit too.

  12. temporaldisplacement says:

    cool song. :)

  13. iranandiran says:


  14. Jobjoossen says:

    You are NOT an autists, you are a verry special gifted person with enough energy/courage to focus on what is REAL.
    The ignorant world whois afraid of superior creatures has placed a label on you. But it is not mor than a label of those who do not understand us …

    You are a great creation…

  15. beaenzolanz says:

    this is a cool video…thanks for sharing!

  16. labpet says:

    Lab Pet & V8 send their love to Wrong Planet inhabitants

  17. theWrongPlanet says:

    good deal!

  18. St37One says:

    your question is very open ended

  19. Warsie says:


  20. KellyClement says:

    This was entertaining and I had a good laugh.

    Hopefully there will be more vidoes made about people with Autism shown ina positive light.

  21. scrybe says:

    Hi Lab Pet. Thanks for sharing. I like your humor. I have an autistic sister (non-verbal) and used to live in North Pole Alaska. Most of my YouTube videos were made when I lived up there as a teenager. Well, good luck!

  22. labpet says:

    Thank you! Autists have our commonalities. V8 sends his greeetings too.

  23. PilotOfNorway91 says:

    I understand you; I have Autism too. ;) (No offense)

    Good video, 5*! You seem very smart in your subject. ;)

  24. St37One says:

    post-modernism says that you are wrong.

  25. spsycher says:

    Thanks Amy. You have much to communicate. Like the music too.


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