іח 2006 Jake came home wіtһ lots οf strikes аחԁ X’s. a strike іѕ a warning fοr something аחԁ іf tһе kid ԁοеѕ іt again іt turns іחtο аח X. Sο Jake came home frοm a tеrrіbƖе day аt school аחԁ i filmed mе talking tο һіm аbουt іt аחԁ аbουt mу past аѕ a kid. One year later (Oct. 6th 2007) i аѕkеԁ Jake аbουt tһаt day аחԁ һе remembered іt wіtһ аmаᴢіחɡ clarity. I’m аbƖе tο ԁο tһе same thing wіtһ memory аחԁ іt shocks mу friends sometimes. Nοt ɡοοԁ аbουt remembering phone conversations always though. Jake hasnt gotten аח X уеt іח school tһіѕ year wһісһ іѕ аmаᴢіחɡ.

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25 Responses to “Autism Jakes BAD DAY at school (UPDATED)”
  1. KSitz77 says:

    My girl is the same way. He really doesn’t know why he misbehaved. It makes it hard to prevent it again,. Your son does a better job of analyzing the sitation. My daughter gets upset and says “let’s talk about something else” which also makes it hard.

  2. nrbritton says:

    @tacotacohoyhoy who are you??? I see you are doing a lot of deflecting. You may live in a low income household, but poor people are just as good as anybody else in the world. Yes you are! Do you have some form of Mental retardation? And where are your parents? Kids should not surf the internet alone. Remember GOD loves you, he really does!!! I will pray for you @tacotacohoyhoy. Now, I going to block you… sweet innocent soul ; (

  3. tacotacohoyhoy says:

    @nrbritton Yes, and puerile helicopter parents such as yourself are awarded with autistic children and low salaries. Grow up.

  4. domdom111111 says:

    My oldest daughter is autistic and sorry to say, there seem to be a lack of discipline in that household.

  5. pokeruler100 says:

    o m g my name is dylan and my twin brother’s name is ryan!

  6. nrbritton says:

    @paleblueinvancouver I am confused by your posting. Wanna try again sweetheart. did you spell “Bred” incorrectly. I am not sure what you mean by “so pleased you’ve (you have) bred”? You do realize that I am a human being and not an animal. Did your patents give you free time on the computer on this day… It ok precious… try again little one…

  7. popolynn2 says:

    chin up kid, use your wit to fuck with the people who make you sad

  8. paleblueinvancouver says:

    Well done, Dad.

  9. paleblueinvancouver says:

    I’m so pleased to see you’ve bred.

  10. GFCmmUTE says:

    what a very honest kid

  11. AllUnheard says:

    lol i love how he says “skripes” it makes me smile..i swear i’ve watched this over 100 times

  12. mommapugs says:

    what a sweet boy! good job dad :)

  13. AgentCROCODILE says:

    @nrbritton: +1

  14. nrbritton says:

    Im a parent. I dont suck up to the fucks. I argue and threaten the teachers and principal. i am always ready to sue and go to the media. I get better results this way, instead of being sweet and nice. they take full advantage of the weak! a great parent always side with their child!

  15. nrbritton says:

    My son is 7 years old and has autism. this kid reminds me of my baby so much. My little guy does not talk as well as the boy? Now I’m ready to confront this speach therapist. This bitch aint good at all! My son don’t nearly talk as well as this kid!

  16. accrawford599 says:

    aww :( poor thing :

  17. marlls1989 says:

    And I disbelieve the vaccines theory, cause we still have almost the same rate of autistic people now and back then before those vaccines were invented…
    If that was true, we would have an autism epidemic with figures like half of the population, not the same figures we had 50 years ago…

  18. FrancesGeraldine says:

    great parenting
    beautiful child

  19. aces9876 says:

    I got a mild form of autisme, since I got checked out for it ive been searching as to why Im affected by it, refusing to believe I got it from my parents genes.
    So far the most logical is the thimerosol (mercury)in vaccines, apperantly brain tissue absorbs that 6times more then the rest of your body.
    Im thinking of not giving my kids vaccines when I get em, because the more I research on vaccines the more I get disgusted by it.
    I got 17 vaccines in my first year of life, 11 had thimerosol.

  20. west49kids says:

    he is going to grow up to be a brave boy

  21. ClaudiaS414 says:

    He is so sweet! Great parenting :)

    He’s a very funny boy!

  22. AgentCROCODILE says:

    It won’t be long until he is targetted by the teachers and treated like a terrorist suspect (well I hope that isn’t the casethough – I had that problem – my bloody parents sucked up to the fucks at school though – and personally I feel like destroying all the schools with the teachers inside it…)

  23. wendme says:

    lol that made me laugh so bad when he said They had you in a cage lol,

  24. Kenny2k08 says:

    “so you didn’t do any kissing? Whew, what a relief!”

    I’d say the same thing lol

  25. SusanStoHelit says:

    Great post! He’s just gorgeous. How lucky for Jake to have such a a great family, how lucky for you to have him!

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