Mе discussing һοw іt іѕ Ɩіkе fοr mе being autistic

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25 Responses to “Autism Journal 10: What it feels like being an Autistic”
  1. master0675 says:

    ok……….. WHAT? I didn’t catch her reference from being a student teacher and student thing

  2. nikkilovesdustie says:

    @EdwR1 and why would you post something like that. You don’t know about her life. Do you think she doesn’t have feelings?

  3. nikkilovesdustie says:

    @EdwR1 nobody knows what causes autism. I personally believe diversity of the human mind is a necesity for survival of the species. Imagine being able to think in pictures and be able have photographic memory. Imagine having the ability to hear better than anyone else. What if you could memorize facts the first time you hear it and be an expert in any given area? There is nothing wrong with being different. It makes the world a hell of a lot more interesting and beautiful.

  4. EpicGengster says:


  5. IamNisey says:

    @EdwR1 tru but ignorant to say

  6. natertater1899 says:

    I am autistic too I know how much life sucks with it. The kind of autism I have is aspurgers
    It’s pronounced like ass-burgers.

  7. Jas44249 says:

    I mean my baby sister

  8. Jas44249 says:

    @multisnootyundead you fuckin prick my little baby has a mental disorder shove a dick up ur ass

  9. celticlass14 says:

    Thank you for sharing what it’s like for those of us who may not understand completely. you are beautiful, inside, and out. Keep smiling sunshine!

  10. melifyable says:

    lots of love to you brcsfan427!

  11. EdwR1 says:

    Reason #124 not to drink while pregnant

  12. PhilMyBod41 says:

    @multisnootyundead i feel sorry for you and dragging pity out of me is almost impossible to do!

  13. PhilMyBod41 says:

    you are very brave you rock!!!!!

  14. anabanana0301 says:

    how old are you?

  15. ROMExSDSxKID says:


  16. RikaShii says:

    I love yooh. No sarcasm intended. i LOVE YOOH. :( <3

  17. multisnootyundead says:

    @zimmyzimgir you got that right!

  18. zimmyzimgir says:

    @multisnootyundead Wow what a big fucking tough guy, this guy talks shit about people with mental disabilities who can’t fight back you don’t wanna fuck with this guy!

  19. multisnootyundead says:

    @zimmyzimgir I have said it to plenty of faces

  20. MadaSkills1 says:

    i came.

  21. zimmyzimgir says:

    @multisnootyundead shut the fuck up you idiot. You might think you’re so high and mighty because you insulted someone anonymously through a computer screen but you would never have the balls to say that shit in real life you fucking pussy.

  22. multisnootyundead says:


  23. SilverStang7190 says:

    this was a very informative video, thank you for the post!
    God Bless

  24. margiec1996 says:

    6 people are really mean to hit the dislike button. Keep going live up your life ! ;]

  25. NoPunches says:

    @ad2894 You missed the point.

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