Mу introduction tο tһе Neurodiversity movement. www.neurodiversity.com Neurodiversity Autism Advocacy Adult Christschool Aspergers Syndrome

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18 Responses to “Autism Journey Begins”
  1. MuslimViking says:

    I have Asperger’s too. I was diagnosed at a very young age. Through a lot of therapy to improve my communication skills hugely, the result now being that I’ve become quite high-functioning, and not many people can peg me for a person with Asperger’s.

    Rock on, lady!

  2. MuslimViking says:


  3. MuslimViking says:


  4. GingerAutie says:

    Most people I know have a professionell diagnoses including myself, and yes it’s nothing wrong with me, because autism isn’t something “wrong”, you got it!

    Nice video, I really like it! :)

  5. FynFlyte says:

    “You don’t just decide.” That is absolutelty correct! Unfortuately a majority of those claiming to be autistic have done just that, diagnosed thenselves. That is what neurodiversity is, a bunch of self diagnosed people who actually have nothing wrong with t

  6. mcewenasker says:

    Best wishes

  7. stocker1109 says:

    You go to a professional that gives you an objective test. you don’t just “decide”.

  8. stocker1109 says:

    autism is not what you think it is”… well I do know it is not some dork trying to label themselves at the expense of those that are actually disabled. Get a grip on yourself.

  9. foresam says:

    Cut the crap, bitch. You’re about as autistic as my prick.

  10. autisticaplanet says:

    I have Asperger Syndrome and getting the diagnosis explained much such as my social “oddities” and severe sensitivity to specific loud noises like dogs barking and babies crying. Do you experience any symptoms like these or high-anxiety (which I also experience)? I am being treated for these symptoms in the hopes of living a real and productive life. I know I’ll always be autistic. I can live with that if I can most especially get help for the noise and resulting phobia.

  11. Selvedina89 says:

    How does one know if he/she is autistic?

  12. joanielovesjazz says:

    Psychotherapy has been very helpful (Art, Play, Music therapies) in helping my child deal with the realization of her loss of abilities and skills. She knows she will never drive a car, knows why she can’t figure out when to cross the street or find her way home or determine which side of the road to walk on, why she chokes, has breathing difficulties, means one thing and something different comes out, memory difficulties, difficulty lifting legs, etc., etc., etc.

  13. joanielovesjazz says:

    Thank you VeiledGlory, Christschool, and EVERONE! My daughter Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and Rett Syndrome. You can have more than one time of Autism at a time. Rett Syndrome is making her very sick and is taking her life. It increases the amount of her mental retardation at this age. It is Late Childhood Onset, Stage 4, and hearing the accounts of others really helps. Thank you so much. You deserve a medal!

  14. joanielovesjazz says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with Autism at age 13. She also is mentally handicapped as is her closest friend. Where one is weak, the other is strong, and vice versa. They compliment each other. Three generations of our families have become close friends because of this. Sometimes the opposite comes out, i.e. my daughter told another girl that she didn’t want to be her friend, but that is not what she meant at all. Autism is so common that it is contingent upon others to learn of this I feel

  15. VeiledGlory says:

    Thanks, Christschool, for commenting. You had trouble with cut-and-paste, too? Wow, so did I! My first grade teacher (who was later fired) berated me in front of the class for being too sloppy. I was simply stressed about getting all my seatwork done on time.

    My requiem on that sad episode came a few years later when I received accolades on my artistic talent.

  16. christschool says:

    I forgot that phrase “late bloomer”. I use to hear that a lot as a child, along with the word retard, I remember the first time I heard that adjective. It was in 1st grade and a classroom aid was talking to the teacher about me and my failure to do a cut and paste activity. Once I received the diagnosis, my whole life suddenly opened as if this giant weight of self loathing was lifted. Thank you.

  17. QDJMan says:


  18. dinahkcm says:

    Thank you veiledglory- this is going into the Posautive Youtube group and its adults and sense subgroups, lots more to enjoy in those groups!

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