Iח tһіѕ award-winning documentary film Gary Null explores tһе causes аחԁ solutions tο tһе recent epidemic οf autism іח ουr children. Iח tһіѕ film уου wіƖƖ see children wһο һаνе mаԁе аח extraordinary recovery frοm autism speak іח tһеіr οwח words.

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7 Responses to “Autism Made in the USA part 4 of 11”
  1. RandyBful1 says:

    Doctors = drugs, drugs and more drugs! Giving vaccines to children = first degree child abuse!

  2. Miaulagata says:

    yes that is right THEY ARE CREATING THIS ILLNESSES. Getting lots of $ out of the vaccines. Pediatricians does not know anything about autism!!! They came late very late with the diagnosis.

  3. alejandromed22 says:

    they are doing this for money,world depopulation,and to keep us dumb.can you imagine this in 20 years from now,we wont have a future,they are our future,we have to take over our kids back,the lunch program in schools is a disgrace,I recomened this books.HOW TO RAICE A HEALTHY CHILD IN SPITE OF YOUR DOCTOR,(EVIDENCE OF HARM)

  4. mreagleton says:

    ill prey bro

  5. Badwolf182 says:

    OMG maricela

    I just finsihed no 3 and whilst i waiting for this to load i was thinking WHO is behind this and WHY

    and ur asking the exact questions

  6. maricelarubioxox says:

    why are they doing this? what is the main purpose for the goverment getting our children sick?

  7. joeyeggy says:

    This is intense and brilliant. Maintain the rage. Help my son.
    James, Sydney Australia.

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