tһаt footage οf jake bouncing tһе ball іѕ frοm 9 months later. I lost tһе footage οf һіm bouncing tһе ball 5 months later wһеח i lost mу οtһеr youtube channel. One month аftеr b12 һе wаѕ חοt tһаt fаѕt аt bouncing tһе ball…bυt һе сουƖԁ ѕtаrе аt tһе ball tһе ENTIRE time һе bounced tһе ball аѕ seen іח tһаt video. Tһаt wаѕ tһе point, חοt tһе speed.

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26 Responses to “Autism MB12 shots (Before + After footage)”
  1. thetvteacher says:

    Great job sharing this information and the before/after videos! I too saw AMAZING eye contact with my child on B12. I didn’t do the shots, I chose to use the methyl B12 oral drops. They are Rx as well, and very effective. So for those that are too scared for the shots-the oral drops are wonderful too. My son looked into my eyes with a long gaze for the first time within HOURS of his first dose! Keep up the great work, Dad!

  2. PhilCommander2 says:

    you need a doctors perscription for the mb12 shots. The doctor would show you how to do the injection correctly.

  3. Yami9ace says:

    How i inject the b12?

  4. PhilCommander2 says:

    care to explain how giving a child vitamins is not treating them normal?

  5. PhilCommander2 says:

    You do know that MB12 is a vitamin right? Not a drug?
    I am not sure if you were implying that Vitamin B12 is a drug or if you were just commenting in general on drugs being used on autistic kids. For the most part I agree that drugs should be the last resort…but for some parents they really do need to go to that last resort. We didn’t (thank God)

  6. pipfollett01 says:

    why are we so reliant on drugs, time encouragement, real contact real quality caring education, thats what i give my boys. they are progressing… i think it is drugs that created their problem and i am not about to give them another.

  7. heart4mine says:

    Thanks for posting your story. We just started the DAN protocol and are going to be starting B-12 shots soon. What an inspiration!

  8. heart4mine says:

    Thanks for posting your story. We just started the DAN protocol and are going to be starting B-12 shots soon. What an inspiration!

  9. JakesWorkOut says:

    its ok pcuncle im brave

  10. angelbe88 says:

    what about b12 supplements? Is it necessary to do the injections?

  11. jdcecil says:

    Thanks for this encouraging video….my son is 4 and autistic. It makes perfect sense that B-12 would have some type of effect on a child with autism. B-12 is prescribed to patients with diabetic neuropathy. What it does….is kinda makes the red blood cells slicker in the blood stream so that they may pass easier throughtout the body…….so IF our children have a problem within the brain the B-12 would DEFINITELY help get those oxygen rich blood cells through the brain! Grats & TY!

  12. JohnConnor1978 says:

    Thank you so much for this video. We sure will try this as soon as possible.

    Love and Prayers for your family and Jake.

  13. GoodVibesRevolution says:

    You are an awesome Dad. Jake is a luck boy.

  14. pcuncle says:

    poor boy, please treat him normal!

  15. Peace940 says:


    Unfortunately the mercury fillings in teeth seem to be a problem as well. I agree there is something possibly shady about them. I have one filling, but its non mercury. Silicon and glass I think.

  16. Winter077 says:

    You’re rude..you seemed normal in the video.

  17. sexboywonder says:

    no sugar either guys

  18. sexboywonder says:

    its also in Amalgam filling unfortunately

  19. sexboywonder says:

    you HAVE to be fucking crazy if you take this shit- no wonder man

  20. rtycnynj says:

    hi, thank you so much for the very encouraging video. i just found out that my little baby who is almost three year old has autism. Me and my husband are looking for any kind of help. Your video was helpful and gave us little bit of hope. can you tell me where can i find a doctor who can give me these shots. lots of love and prayers thanks

  21. Winter077 says:

    You’re an awesome father and your son is beautiful!

    My jaw dropped when you mentioned how much you paid for basic healthcare. I’m from Canada ..it would have cost me $0 for the visits. The shots would be covered by hubby’s work insurance. $600 is an amount many families would not be able to afford. It’s really sad.

    Do you think adults without gluten & casiene intolerances would benefit from the GFCF diet also? I’m not..

  22. Winter077 says:

    ….autistic, niether is my son, but I do have major brain fog because of the psychiatric medication I’m on.

  23. Peace940 says:

    Chelating the mercury seems to be the most logical rather than just treating the symptoms. Mercury seems to be a probable cause of autism, then again with all the other junk they may put in vaccines, it could be more.

  24. GodForum says:

    type mmsforhispaniola in search bar, see how FDA website shows how mercury is in the vaccine

  25. inscoe2000 says:

    My kid is 22 months old. We are intervening with diet and supplements for his symptoms of autism and other sensory integration disorders. He is not walking independently or talking. A blood test revealed he is seriously deficient in vitamin B3 and 12. I have MB12 in a nasal spray and just started using it this week. Results will take a bit longer than shots. This video is encouraging.

  26. monica says:

    My son Jason has shown great inprovement with mb12 shots. But it was not the first nor the fourth shot. Around the fifth shot we started see a great improvement in behavior WOW. Then his understand commans oh my. Now about shot seven he is tring to sing along with the music. Speach is starting to increase. We took our vacation this week it was the best. no screaming. he was so happy. he even said happy.

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