Mу son wаѕ diagnosed wіtһ ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) wһеח һе wаѕ 2 1/2 years οƖԁ. Up until tһаt time һе wаѕ јυѕt Ɩіkе аחу οtһеr child. Aѕ уου wіƖƖ see һе met еνеrу milestone. Hе spoke іח small sentences, mаԁе eye contact, аחԁ smiled аƖƖ tһе time. Wһеח һе turned 2 аחԁ јυѕt аftеr receiving һіѕ MMR shot tһеrе wаѕ a DRASTIC change. Hе bеɡаח tο lose һіѕ skills. I ԁο һаνе a strong belief tһаt vaccines һаԁ everything tο ԁο wіtһ mу son’s diagnoses. I continue tο vaccinate fοr one reason аחԁ one reason οחƖу, tһе diseases wе аrе vaccinating against саח bе deadly, Ayden’s Autism іѕ a life sentence חοt a death sentence. If уου һаνе еνеr wondered іf tһеrе аrе Angels аmοחɡ υѕ, I һаνе tһе аחѕwеr fοr уου. YES! Tһеу аrе tһе ones tһаt work wіtһ ουr children οח a daily basis, tһе Teachers, Aides, Therapists etc… Early Intervention іѕ helping tο bring һіm back. I саח′t thank tһеm enough fοr аƖƖ tһаt tһеу һаνе done fοr Ayden, аחԁ maybe one day tһеу wіƖƖ bе аѕ blessed аѕ I аm tο һаνе tһеm іח mу son’s life!

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25 Responses to “Autism …… My Name Is Ayden”
  1. anirre says:

    Ayden your mommy is an amazing and brave person!!!

  2. nicdhim says:

    You really have given your son a voice. God bless you. x

  3. irishamrep says:

    How did Ayden do? I am praying for him, and you.

  4. Anayden says:

    I’m sitting here crying silent tears because I wrote my comment b4 i watched the video. My son, Ayden was the same way. I miss him so much, I always wonder what his personality would have been like if not for the autism. My poor baby was stolen from me, but I am going to take my son back! He’s mine, not autism‘s, I had him. And everything them damn doctors told you, I’ve heard it 1,000 times over. I went to the dr. last year to finally diagnose Ayden, and he told me to come back in a year.

  5. Anayden says:

    My son’s name is Ayden too, and he’s autistic too. I knew what he was back when he was 4 months old, but noone would take me seriously. He is now 3, and he still hasn’t been diagnosed yet. Ayden is supposed to see the doctor to diagnose him Feb. 25, 2010…Wish him luck. I want him diagnosed so I can get the proper help 4 him.

  6. alfienme says:

    That’s beautiful….couldnt watch the whole thing as it brings it all back to me, the diagnosis, xX Big Hugs Xx

  7. bigdfromatown says:

    A study was done at the University of Pittsburgh within the last few years. They used infant chimpanzees and vaccinated them according the recommended schedule for infant children. They began to show symptoms of autism. Please stop being in denial. If a child is showing symptoms from birth, it is most likely because his mother received a vaccine while she was pregnant or she already had a toxic level of mercury or some other substance in her body. Research! Ignorance is UNACCEPTABLE!

  8. bigdfromatown says:

    Your son is beautiful but it really upsets me that you would continue to vaccinate knowing that it caused his autism (which it did). Vaccines are unnecessary, do not work, they are dangerous, and they WILL cause your son more problems. The doctors are lied to in medical school and they have fed you a load of garbage. The medical community just wants you to *think* that you are not smart enough to do your own research and look at the CASE STUDIES. Please research. Please.

  9. yumlhei says:

    after i watch this video, ,i realized that a special education teacher is really important.. .it gives me idea of what behavior that an autism have…thanks for sharing your video. .GODBLESS. ..

  10. yumlhei says:

    after i watch this video, ,i realized that a special education teacher is really important.. .it gives me idea of what behavior that an autism have…thanks for sharing your video. .GODBLESS. ..

  11. TheWorld31 says:

    thank u for this video it s grow a hope in my soul to brake a glass circuit around my son Aamer to toutch a world again thnk u very mutch

  12. haldasus says:

    Beautiful video..xx

  13. MissLaceyJay says:

    your video made me cry my eyes out..my sons name is ayden too. i have no idea what its like to have a child with special needs, but i have a friend who has a brother with autism. i realize its challenging and can be very hard to deal with. but you have to think about the upside. it could be worse, a lot worse. something i do kno about is cerebral palsy because my brother has it. since he was 2 months he had it. he has never walked or talked. and today he is 22. thank you for your story, god bles

  14. IsaBelliza says:

    This is a beautiful video although it makes me sad the amount of people who think that vaccinations has anything to do with autism…. children who have autism shows characteristics from birth you just have to know what to look for. On a different not can we please use “people first” language? The child has autism…. autism does not have the child. So please say ” a person/child/boy/girl/etc with autism (or any other disability for that matter) thanks!!

    BTW I teach special education

  15. jingleballs7568 says:

    Well I am so very sorry to hear that it has not helped your son, but at the same time, I will not be sorry for it helping mine! I never implied anything about anyone, I don’t even know you. I stated my sons story, PERIOD! I wanted to put a possitive message out there for people that may need it, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe give someone some hope that maybe they didn’t have. On a lighter note, I wish you and your son well, and GOD BLESS!

  16. CJEB4 says:

    Videos like this make me a sad but even more mad. My child was diagnosed at 15 months and started therapy Right away. We are not so lucky to have our child helped and its not for lack of love and care, he just is not helped by ABA. I feel as though you’re implying my son stays nonverbal and in pain because we aren’t trying for him. We recently started chelation, I see subtle changes but nothing to conclude that hes getting better, and hes 5 now. So early intervention isn’t the answer for all.

  17. birds16ful says:

    I have Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy & I am 16 years old plus my boyfriend is 14 years old who has autism. His name is Andrew Hoffman & he is 5’5 tall & I am 4’8 tall.

    I love you Andrew sweetheart

    Love your girlfriend Michaela Schwartz

  18. TweesterMD says:

    You will come through this.
    I just know it. And you know it to.

  19. ShaxTwo says:

    omg this is so sad…made me cry a little.
    My brother was diagnosed with autism too, its sad to think about it. God bless you and best of luck for your son.

  20. SayNoToGMO says:

    In 1989 A pill sold OTC, L-tryptophan, poisoned thousands in Canada & USA. Thousands died or were permanently injured

    Genetically engineered bacteria make tryptophan then are crushed. We extract tryptophan from the toxic soup. It’s contaminated with endotoxins

    The contaminated tryptophan caused Eosinophilia Myalgia an autoimmune disorder, no cure

    Antigens in vaccines are made the same way and similar toxins, with mercury/aluminum, could cause autoimmune disorders and/or autism

  21. SayNoToGMO says:

    US Patent 7226775-Jun2007 “there remains a pressing need for removing endotoxin from pharmaceuticals. In particular, vaccines”

    Is there poison in vaccines? Yes, the antigen mixture and preservatives

    Genetically engineered bacteria/yeast make antigens. Cell walls are destroyed to extract them. “Purified” antigens have endotoxins, DNA fragments, cell debris

    In a pill the poisons caused immune disorders. Injected toxins are more potent. Autoimmune disorders and Autism are possible

  22. Anayden says:

    My son name is Ayden too, and he is also autistic. And I STRONGLY believe the vaccinations played a part in his change. I noticed about 4mths old that he was starting to change. I congratulate you on putting up such a moving and personal video of your son, you have inspired me to do the same, spread the word. Did you know autism is the most abundant childhood disease, but we get the least funding to find the cure? BULL SHIT!

  23. Hyperdude0123456 says:

    Thats what i like bout people, they are so supportive around their autistic child, i know its been a disadvantage but in the future, ur child is most likely to become very successful cause alot of autistic people manage to get very successful and very far in life, bless him =]

  24. babybikay says:

    God bless you for making this video. I pray that Ayden will continue to flourish.

  25. Britt91989 says:

    Your son is absolutely gorgeous! : ]

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