Fοr аƖƖ mу videos, visit www.MeetTaylorMorris.com ~ Lots οf people һаνе аѕkеԁ аbουt mу ‘οtһеr world’ аѕ a person wіtһ аח Asperger’s Syndrome style οf mind. Fοr tһе first time, I’m sharing аbουt tһаt іח tһеѕе two раrtѕ. Bе sure tο visit mу website tο see аƖƖ mу videos.

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19 Responses to “Autism: My Other World Part 1”
  1. queenofthecullens says:

    Wow, having your own world seems really cool! It’s like writing a story but much more intense, right? As a writer I would love to have my own world. Also I would like to know, how long do you usually stay in your world? What kind of characters do you have there? I just wanted to let you know that you seem like and amazing person, you inspire me :)

  2. kcolumbusgirl says:

    Sounds like a walking dream. IE – sleepwalking almost.

  3. HeartlessTimmy says:

    You amaze me (:

  4. peaceloveandtofu5 says:

    @MeetTaylorMorris OK cool! Thanks for replying, this was really interesting (:

  5. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    @STEPHENWRAYSFORD33 Oh I’d say my world is pretty mad and exciting too! It just winds down Taylor Morris the person because she doesn’t have to think about her own stresses and life at that moment. Don’t worry there plenty of action/ adventure to go around in my world. I love Alice in Wonderland and I wouldn’t be suprised if Lewis Carroll had some sort of autism. I have to admit his world is wonkier than mine though.

  6. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    @UnionWorker63 Hello, I don’t think of my world as my own country mostly because of my passive role in the world (I’m essentially just the director/camera man). Not to mention there are multiple cultures within this world. For example one of my main characters lives in a North African culture while another lives in english like culture. Thanks for commenting its nice to hear other people have experiences like mine.

  7. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    @peaceloveandtofu5 Its exactly like that except taken to the next level of intensity/realism. I think in one of my presentations i described my world as Story making 2.0. Thanks for commenting!

  8. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    @EyesOnAMD yeah that was one time I used my GPS watch to keep track. I probably don’t pace that much everyday but It’s a ballpark estimate. I’d also like to say that your right not every pacer is nessecarily autistic It takes alot more symptoms than just that. I hope to post more videos soon thanks for commenting.

  9. Lenonea says:

    I also have “my own world” and I’m pretty sure I’m not autistic. I’ll lock myself in my room with music in the background and just turn off everything around me and day dream..
    It really helps me trough my days to say the least :)

  10. EyesOnAMD says:

    I have never been diagnosed with autism or aspirgers syndrome and I don’t think I have either, however you have described my dreamscape and the relationship I have with it perfectly. I even pace my house the way you describe, but i’ve never kept track of the mileage (i will sometime soon!). Thank you so much for sharing your world with us all, and I cannot tell you how curious I am to hear more.

  11. peaceloveandtofu5 says:

    You said it’s not like reading a book because you can’t change what happens … is it kind of like writing a story though? (I love to write and am basically always doing it.) Because in a story, you’re controlling everything, and basically anything can happen because you’re making it happen. I guess I sort of ‘escape’ when I’m writing. So is it in any way like that?

  12. clagwell says:

    Thank you for your video series. They(you) have provided much needed education and insight.

  13. ricardoefk says:

    To a non-autistic person, it seems that you can control your dream state, not only about the rules and part of the story plot, but you also control whether you want to get in or out from it.
    This is definitely amazing! And I would love to be able to do that.

  14. UnionWorker63 says:

    Just got through watching part 1 and 2 of “my other world.”
    I can definitely relate. from time to time, I would go off into my own world. In my own world, there are no pounds or inches (it’s all metric in my world), it is peaceful, and has no problems the “real world” has. it is like my own country that I can escape to when I feel I need to get away and relax. have you ever thought of your world as your own Country


    Your description of your ‘other’ world made me think back to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland & Through the looking-Glass. It’s said that Carroll may have been on the austic spectrum & in his world gravity is weaker, animals can talk & the book is hidden with mathematical ideas. The world he created contained some many similarites with the real world but unlike the world you described his was not a place to wind down but instead a mad and exciting world to live in.

  16. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    I experience things similarly but it’s not like a box I can just pull one “memory” out of. It’s more like a time line that has a history. When I want I can “zoom in” on a particular time or event.

  17. Sitheis2009 says:

    so I gues that was sort of like my own world. And when I found out I had autism at age 11, everything made sence, so I no longer saw it as a club to go to, but more like an autistic box (not literally), but like a box in that I’d take things out of it everyday and think about them. Does that make sence? Also, is that how you experiance things?

  18. Sitheis2009 says:

    Before I knew I had autism I used to go to this pretend club called “thinking Club”. It was just imaginary, but bassically what it was, was were I just came into my rom at night and other places and thouight about things which had happend in the past. Of caurse I would stim to it as well,

  19. misstiggykins says:

    The concept of ‘creating our own world’ is something I can identify with. I did this inadvertently when I was 11-12 yrs old because I was not coping in the school system. I created my own rules which made life seem more predictable. My rules revolved around exercise & diet and led to me losing a lot of weight and being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. My objective was not to be thin, but to avoid the chaos of the real world. I had to change my rules to recover.

    Interesting video as usual!

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