Fοr аƖƖ mу videos, visit www.MeetTaylorMorris.com ~ Lots οf people һаνе аѕkеԁ аbουt mу ‘οtһеr world’ аѕ a person wіtһ аח Asperger’s Syndrome style οf mind. Fοr tһе first time, I’m sharing аbουt tһаt іח tһеѕе two раrtѕ. Bе sure tο visit mу website tο see аƖƖ mу videos.

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22 Responses to “Autism: My Other World Part 2”
  1. AchillesShield says:

    I was quite moved by what you said about how tactless some people can be. My mum sometimes makes disparaging remarks about my “syndrome”, and how I’m “just not like normal people” (I have AS). Whenever she asks me if I talk to myself in public places, or to be sure to make eye contact with people and so forth, I get really upset and feel like she’s belittling me. She’s doesn’t mean it, but it hurts. Do you feel the same way in these situations, Taylor?

  2. FallaciesDetective says:

    I think I understand better now… thank you…
    dreaming and thinking things true are veeeery necessary…

  3. Spawnisntdead says:

    Hello Taylor i’m french and my brother is an aspie, he’s 21 and he stopped to study and to work, he stays at home doing nothing… My father doesn’t believe he has asperger syndrome so it’s quite difficult. Well, thank you for your videos wich are helpfull and you seem to be a really gret person.

  4. Spawnisntdead says:

    Hello Tayler i’m french and my brother is an aspie, he’s 21 and he stopped to study and to work, he stays at home doing nothing… My father doesn’t believe he has asperger syndrome so it’s quite difficult. Well, thank you for your videos wich are helpfull and you seem to be a really gret person.

  5. elenilagriega says:

    Thank you so much for these videos,really…keep doing this!

  6. TheManAnswer says:

    I had a world too but it was my own school with my own classes…i taught myself sound, i taught myself how to sing without choir-i know its like how the heck did i do THAT? that was the working thru things or whatever u said
    now that i’m older i don’t see that world anymore because really i needed it earlier

  7. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    @notagain001 Well be technical definition the only distinction is a lack of language delay in aspies. I recorded this video before I knew that. So I mistakenly labeled myself as an aspie (because I relate to the aspie blessings/challenges). So by technical definition I have high funciotioning autism (because of before mentioned speech delay). Personally I’m glad that they are changing the label because the difference is so small that the two groups shouldn’t be divided. :)

  8. notagain001 says:

    @MeetTaylorMorris I noticed you also call yourself an Aspie. Do you consider high functioning autism distinct from Asperger’s? DSM-V plans to eliminate Aspergers and call it all autism.

  9. isis398 says:

    @QuietHiddenMe i love that movie

  10. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    @notagain001 I consider myself to have High functioning autism. I am a successful person but not a “cured” one. Thanks for commenting

  11. torrentcompany says:

    i have autsim how does it feel if you have aspergers

  12. TeamHeavySuck says:

    A lot of people have tried to stop me having my own world, it makes me very sad and angry sometimes. Also I went to see a mental health specialist who was supposed to be an Autism expert he didn’t know anything about it and kept trying to force me to be normal. :( I felt very depressed after I talked to him.

  13. amchouhan says:

    Taylor, thank you for sharing your thoughts and for showing people how intellectual you are.

  14. notagain001 says:

    DO you consider yourself with Asperger’s Syndrome or completely cured?

  15. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    Well, I sometimes make scary situations for my characters to develop them but I can never scare myself because I’m the one in control.

  16. LifeStorySux13 says:

    That’s very interesting about your other world….I have a qusetion for you…I’m not Autistic but “Have you ever had moments in your “World” that were scary to you?” Like in nightmares, people usually have bad situations happen in those thoughts while they sleep….I’m just curious.

  17. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    We don’t have a tv so I did not see it, but I did read her book a long time ago, and it helped me explain how I think to my mom.

  18. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    You are welcome, yes, we have to make sure it is not destructive! Thanks for commenting!

  19. MeetTaylorMorris says:

    Video responses are great… I like hearing about other worlds…

  20. Sitheis2009 says:

    In my world it did have real people in them, and pretend people. I would like pretend people were doing things that they weren’t doing, and when I would watch films, I’d pretend I was one of the characters in the films, and pretend I was hving the adventures. And I still do some of those things now. I still sometimes pretend I’m a character in the film. I don’t know yet but I might even post a video response to this video if you’d like?

  21. misstiggykins says:

    I think it’s helpful to have our personal worlds, provided that the (self-created) rules of that world are not harmful in any way. If the rules simply lead to a pleasurable escape from reality, or a constructive means of developing a part of oneself then it’s great.

    I mention harmful, because at one time (as I commented on Part 1), I did create rules for me to follow that harmed my health. However, at that time in my life it was helpful to ‘disappear’ from the real world.
    Thanks Taylor!

  22. QuietHiddenMe says:

    Thanks for another GREAT video, Taylor!
    I was wondering if you’re a movie watcher? Did you see HBO’s Temple Grandin? I thought it was fantastic..but I’d love to hear the opinion of someone much closer to it from the Autism perspective.
    You have a fan in Canada!

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