NBC San Diego news interview οח documentary, JJ’s Journey, A Journey Abουt Autism, wіtһ JJ аחԁ creator Lori Ciccarelli (mother οf JJ) οח January 9, 2009. Tο learn more аbουt tһе documentary, visit: www.autismjourney.net. Film wаѕ nominated fοr 2009 Media Excellence Award Autism Society οf American аחԁ Official Selection: 2008 Mammoth Film Festival, 2009 International Christian Film Festival, 2010 African Enterprise International Film Festival. Featuared οח OprahsAngelNetwork.org аחԁ Oprah.com.

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23 Responses to “Autism NBC Interview – JJ’s Journey, A Journey About Autism Documentary”
  1. Havixus says:

    Wow he seems to be doing incredibly well. This video gives me hope for children and adults suffering from autism.

  2. gahana108 says:

    JJ is a very wise soul. So glad to hear that he is making the world a better place. :)

  3. gahana108 says:

    Awesome!! (re he is a walking miracle!!)

  4. LoriCicc says:

    JJ wants to focus on the positive side of autism, too. He says there is too much negativity about it out there. He wants to provide hope to others. He is proud to have autism. Thanks for your comments.

  5. gahana108 says:

    JJ rocks!! Great message. Thank you! It’s clear that JJ is gifted. Many blessings.

  6. gahana108 says:

    Hi Lori. Great job. Jeremy is amazing. Its wonderful that you’ve focused on his stengths. I think that’s key!! He did a great job with speaking to the interviewer. Best wishes. I am currently writing a book on the positive side of Autism. :) Best to you and your family.

  7. Yuhi33 says:

    same here, I have mild asperger’s and since I haven’t told anyone, things have gone pretty good for me, I’m with all the populars at high school :)

  8. LoriCicc says:

    You can’t hide traits…characteristics…he is proud of who he is. I didn’t want my son to be ashamed of the wonderful, unique person he is; I wanted him to be proud.

  9. TheBoston911 says:

    why didnt he just keep it private from people my cousin as aspergers but know one outside the fam really knows

  10. farfalla1208 says:

    Jeremy has come such a long way! He is going away to college this fall, when only a few years ago he was dealing with intolerable bullies in his middle school and high school years. Congrats to Jeremy and Lori for being strong and getting through it and getting the word out!

  11. LoriCicc says:

    Thanks Rhioka. I think he is pretty awesome, too; and am glad that you are friends.

  12. Rhioka says:

    I met Jeremy at the last comic con in southern california, and i thought he was not only a really smart, talented guy, but he was also really fun to talk to. I didn’t notice anything “strange” about him, and it makes me sad that people like him have had to deal with ridicule over what they can’t help. He’s awesome and I’m glad I can be friends with him.

  13. TomJack281 says:

    Your son seems to have come a long way. I’m glad to see it.

  14. JohannaGotTalent41 says:

    I live in San Diego god Bless you and your family JJ

  15. LoriCicc says:

    I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. What is normal? Your sister’s life is normal for her life, just a different journey than yours. I can’t speak for others and I don’t want to be judgemental, but I can speak for my own life. If JJ had a sibling, I would try to give them equal attention and love. Maybe what you are feeling is different than what your parents’ intent is. I know they love you as much as your sister. Have you talked to them about this? Maybe it’s just miscommunication.

  16. screamingshadowaxeXD says:

    I’m not comfortable around autistic children or special needs. I have a 19 year old autistic sister and im 17. I don’t like or lover her because of her advantage over it. She is more loved and focused on and I’m kind of like a shadow. How do I deal with this? Can somebody help me? I’m not making this up. I’m just surprised this kid managed to become normal.

  17. LoriCicc says:

    ASD – Austism Spectrum Disorder is a very big spectrum. JJ has Asperger’s Syndrom – on the spectrum. He was very articulate, but had (and still struggles at times) with a language processing disorder. So he couldn’t carry on-topic conversations. I translated for those talking to him and visa versa. He would repeat videos word-for-word when something triggered while talking to others. On-topic conversations came around after years of treatments. He is a walking miracle.

  18. FunkFolks says:

    Im mostly familiar with Non-Verbal autistics, so when I hear someone has autism I often picture a non-verbal autisic. I’m writing a book on an autistic girl based on the characteristics of my brother however your video made me a litle bit open minded to making her verbal. My question is was JJ ever non-verbal? (between the years of 5 and up)

  19. LoriCicc says:

    Thank you all for the support and encouragement. Lori and JJ

  20. autismfamily says:

    great video clip and interview. I am going to mention it on twitter.

  21. nickratesgames says:

    2 amazing people! Lori is kind smart & strong: a pioneer. JJ U R an inspiration to me & my son. U R happy; U know who U R; you live your life fully. Last year after watching JJ’s Journey, my son became a game reviewer on YouTube, he loves it! U R doing great work, God’s work, thank you. U R touching many lives. Nick will be in middle school soon & what U R doing will make a difference 4 him. U R in my prayers.
    Adrienne & Nick

  22. SaltyCoqui says:

    Thank goodness for all you do. And thank you for sharing! The road is long but we still have to travel it.

  23. AisForAutism says:

    Lori, That was fantastic. JJ has some super advice and you both her so clear, concise and articulate at getting your points made in a brief period. I am so proud of you both. Best wishes on your future presentations.

    Joanna Keating-Velasco
    A Is for Autism, F Is for Friend

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