Mу son’s journey through autism.

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13 Responses to “Autism – Our Biomedical Journey Part 2”
  1. abelsotelo says:

    My son shows the same steps leading to his autism i notice before his autism he looked sick, maybe a desease struck him causing the glish wiring of the brain my son has had several high fevers, any how i want to introduce him to a gluten free diet but i find it really hard for him to do so, this type of food does not taste so nice.

  2. irishamrep says:

    how is your son doing today?

  3. wpcary1 says:

    I believe some people were born in the world to save others. Your son did just that…. Thank You for sharing and giving me and my family hope. God Bless You!

  4. lifenlove73mab says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. My son was dx’d at 24mos. I knew there was a disconnect at arounf 20 mos. with his lang dev. He goes to Easter Seals 3x a wk and receives OT and SP/L. He has been receiving EI shortly after his Dx. I am interested in the GFCF diet however, my son is allergic to eggs, nuts and seafood and limits his choices and is particular about others. DO you have any suggestions? He will be 4yrs 12-28-05.

  5. kathrynlola says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! My son was dx with mild PDD-NOS in Feb and we are just finding out he has gut issues. He has been on the GFCF diet for 3 weeks with enzymes and I can already see a difference:) We are getting more test run, but I most definitely want to do ThreeLac soon. Kevin is adorable! Again THANK YOU for sharing – it gives many of us hope:)

  6. tomekawhite1176 says:

    Your video has inspired me so much. My 2 year old son has been diagnosed by a neurologist to be showing some signs of autism. We are determined to turn this thing around and beat it. We have changed his milk from regular milk to rice milk and we can already tell the difference. He doesn’t roll his eyes anymore. I would love to hear from you and how you did it. Thanks!

  7. RemisFrosty says:

    You are such lovely parents and you are doing a great job with you gorgeous little boy. He is doing very very very well. His cousins are lovely with him too. I recommend RDI for what it’s worth. I think it’s what’s missing from your treatment. All the best, Sara xxx

  8. applemarky says:

    good work!!

  9. JTorres06 says:

    I wish yall the best of luck,ive watched both videos and i can tell a major difference in the way he acts.He is improving and know that he will make drastic improvements in the future. youve got an awesome son,keep teaching him new things.Just good to see that your working with him to help him with his language skills.Thanks for posting, Justin

  10. almostangelic00 says:

    I truly believe there will always be some issue we are working on. I don’t know that I necessarily believe he will ever be cured” but we plan on getting him so close, you’d never guess he was on the spectrum.

  11. almostangelic00 says:

    I had to take it off and edit it… it’s up now.

  12. liamjakesmum says:

    It says that you have 2 videos but i can only see one?

  13. liamjakesmum says:

    I dont believe that autism is curable. Im sure that your son and mine will always be autistic. Thats my opinion. But we can work with it, for sure. You have done wonders with your little lad. He is so clever and hes such a little sweetie too!

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