Autism: Oυr Family’s Journey

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8 Responses to “Autism: Our Family’s Journey”
  1. mcdaleklover says:

    @JohannaGotTalent41 That is, the odds of the other child being autistic are 1 in 2.

  2. mcdaleklover says:

    @JohannaGotTalent41 Yes, autism has been speculated as being hereditary. Odds in having a child with autism are 1 in 114, but if you have two children the odds increase to 1 in 2.

  3. mcdaleklover says:

    How adorable! I have two sons as well, but only one has ASD. I suspect the other could have aspergers, but he hasn’t been diagnosed yet. It’s hard raising a child with autism, but I wouldn’t trade one minute of it! My sons are my life, and I love them both like mad! BTW, I am writing this from my ASD son’s YouTube account.

  4. Nanachick12 says:

    What a heart warming story. You all look like a loving family.=*)

  5. JohannaGotTalent41 says:

    Do you think that it might be heriditary?

  6. drmaier says:

    Hes not pacing with no purpose. He is counting the fence posts.

  7. eire1984 says:

    dont worry your sons will be fine they will have talents and skills like eveyone else and they will have your support

  8. beladonah says:

    Your sons are beautiful! God bless all of you :)

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