tһіѕ method mау οr mау חοt work fοr уου bυt іt absolutely ԁіԁ work fοr υѕ.

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18 Responses to “Autism Part Two Enzymes HOW I GOT JAKE TO EAT NEW FOODS”
  1. jerrymutt85 says:

    You have done a wonderful job with Jake….I was wondering if you had any advice for me on my 2 1/2 yr old autistic daughter….she has been on gfcf diet with results for a year….but still severely low functioning and I want to do the scd diet but she only can eat in babyfood form…since she has sensory issues….I only can get her to eat fruits, nothing else…do you think I should continue and keep trying to get her to eat veggies and meats…but meanwhile do you think fruits are enough

  2. JakesWorkOut says:

    i have ate 10 to 13 new foods in three years and i haven’t throw up or gag

  3. PhilCommander2 says:

    youre not a failure! its not easy getting the diet right for some kids. youre trying and thats great!
    if you could see a nutritionist who believes in the diets it would help make sure your son is getting the nutrients he needs. have you read the book ‘special diets for special kids’ ?

  4. diatplay says:

    Phil – my son eats chicken pancakes, bison and beef patties, chicken and turkey drumsticks, apples, carrots, cucumbers, and sometimes other fruits, but all raw. I tried the SCD and he would not eat the cooked fruits and veggies and he stopped growing…NO formed stools though, STILL…I am at a loss and trying HBOT. I feel like such a failure in the gut department. Any advice – does Jake now stool normally/healthy? We have also never seen the copious black flecks weve heard about…thoughts?

  5. shav0nne says:

    I had to buy a large juicer for my son (who’s almost 4 and Autistic). He get excited when he hears it. I juice organic fruits with vegs and he loooooooooves it :) . But the only thing hes wants to eat for over a yr now is peanut butter toast. So thats the other reason why I started juicing. To give him the vitamins hes needs.

  6. lillith886 says:

    i read that even mainstream children will reject ”new food” up to 19 times before they trust it. i was getting my son through eating issues at the time and it really helped to take it slowly. only one new thing at a time and focusing on what he did eat! he eats me out of house and home now and loves his food but i remember when a tablespoon of porrige, a slice of salami and an apple was a good day!!!

  7. aplusmedia says:

    our son is not eatting much and it is very hard to get him to get vegies and fruit and meat he has autism and he doesnt like much food love coco pops and noodles and chips and casualy fish bites it is so frashtating for us my husband and i he doesnt sleep much he is on medition now at night because he keeps up up all nite as its very hard

  8. SkullyGirl08 says:

    My husbands not going to like the new diet/detox very much but I have two autistic sons, so I’m going to try it out. Thank you.

  9. Catherine8here says:

    Exactly!!!! This is the message that must be spread!

  10. munkedalareee says:

    That’s just great :)

  11. TheCommanders says:

    not really…especially now. his conversation keeps getting better and better.

  12. munkedalareee says:

    Is it hard to have a conversation with him? He seems to change subject all of a sudden.

  13. jmpms says:

    Thank you for posting this. My youngest is having the biggest food issues. I will definitely give your advice a try.

  14. madelinesophie says:

    I am positive you are doing these blogs to help families effected by ASD>
    I want to say thanks you have given me some big support,down here in New Zealand.
    My boy is 4 1/2 an absolute a delight and I have nutured him with positivness and intervention.I am really excited learning some things you have had to say.
    100% committed Mum,

  15. popcornwbutter says:

    Thank you for this one!

  16. tripplehelix says:

    He’s good with maths… MY brother with DS goes through everyones ages when we say a date. He’s 19 now and STILL does it :D lol

  17. tiffsherwood says:

    When I first started to clean up my family’s food – we went organic first while I expirimented with GFCF foods – and my boys that would NEVER voluntarily eat vegetables or most fruits – started slowly eating them ON THEIR OWN – and now the ASK for broccoli! people told me this would happen and I didn’t believe them! made a believer outta me.

  18. cedarmcox says:

    this video is one of of my favorite. I love it because it deals with sensory issues, and Colin has issues with certain foods.

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