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25 Responses to “AUTISM phil commander”
  1. viellemamanpourie says:

    I leave in the second floor but my house is at the top of the hill if that can help…

  2. nbharb says:

    Are you aware that there is a glutathione patch you can use, which is much less expensive and of course not invasive? It stimulates the body’s production of glutathione. A new patch is put on once a day, a months supply is maybe $80, nbot sure of the price. If you are interested you can email me, I have a gmall account using nanharbison

  3. JakesWorkOut says:

    thats my dad

  4. GingerAutie says:

    Wha did youtube do that? It makes no sence. I just know that youtube deledet some “children accounts” of people who are under 18 years old.

  5. christschool says:


  6. PhilCommander2 says:

    Send me them on a dvd and I will autograph it and send it back to you ;)

  7. christschool says:

    I have all of your older videos.

  8. raecelestek says:

    what?? i’d rather have my transmission go out..

    lol, jk

  9. PhilCommander2 says:

    I had to start over with a new email address. a whole new account. I was actually the first person doing any type of blog/instructional videos on youtube. I came to youtube and typed in “autism” and found a total of 60 videos none of which were any sort of educational. I lost most of those subscribers though when they deleted my channel…such is life though. Thanks for watching and commenting on my videos…i do appreciate it and i appreciate your honesty.

  10. rainbowmummy says:

    You seem to have quiet a following!

  11. rainbowmummy says:

    Gutted, I wanted to watch all of your vids from the start, never mind you seem happy that you were “allowed” to start all over again.

  12. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    By the way, I think of the defining aspect of autism as “Stimulus Overselectivity”

    Lovaas, O. I., Koegel, R. L., & Schreibman, L. (1979). Stimulus Overselectivity in Autism: A Review of Research. Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 86, 1236-1254.

    Joint Attention is thus treating the core aspect of autism, but not removing autism obviously.

  13. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Thus, I found out about the importance of Joint Attention training from UCSD back in 1999 when the doctorial dissertation wasn’t done until 2001 and articles of significance even later.

    Whalen, C., Schreibman, L., & Ingersoll, B. (2006). The Collateral Effects of Joint Attention Training on Social Initiations, Positive Affect, Imitation, and Spontaneous Speech for Young Children with Autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol. 36, No. 6, 655-664.

  14. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Here is what I do very year, I pretend I know nothing about autism and look on the internet for new ideas and articles making sure of course to hit all the websites I remember as good to see what research they are researching. Then I think “WHY” such that I can come to the logical conclusion of their work before they get there.

    In other words, new articles and research help me think of what to teach.

  15. Serge165 says:

    Oh know, you just lost all your hardware :( MICHAEL TSARION :’(

  16. PhilCommander2 says:

    and what a show it became! ahhhh, but early on…now THAT was a show!

  17. foxyswimmer says:

    I see you deleted your friends on myspace ? funny because so has a hot chicky babe I know.
    shame cause I was enjoying the show.

  18. gvrcdk says:

    So I’ve just seen a few of your videos. I’m sorry I missed the ones that were lost. From what I’ve seen you have such a unique and valuable perspective. Pls let me know if you begin posting videos elsewhere or in some other format. Thank you.

  19. ilikenintendo2005 says:

    yea i was wondering wat happend 2 all ur videos!! well i least i found u again lol i’ll have 2 check out jakes story! =)

  20. ratlenhum says:

    I’m glad you’re back!!!

  21. desarrigale says:

    I’m just reading this in shock!!! With all of the ridiculous things found on youtube, they go and suspend you. Go figure. But I’m glad to see you’re back.

  22. PhilCommander2 says:

    dude, i couldnt agree with you more. i’ve always said that i’m sure at the RDI headquarters that even the employees have to pay 25 cents to use the toilet! $150 sales pitch? couldnt have said it better myself. thats exactly what it is. good info, but nothing you can use on a daily basis. this new channel will have A LOT of RDI on it. for free. Because i believe in helping people, not capitalizing on their situations.

  23. londonbaires says:

    The RDI company doesn’t like anyone who’s not one of it’s ‘deciples’ representing their ideas do they!!!
    I love the sound of RDI as an intervention. I hate RDI as a company. $150 dollars for an introductory DVD which appears to me to be a dressed up sales pitch!?!?
    I don’t object to people making money from great ideas, even a lot of money, but this, in my view, is just exploitation of the vulnerable and desperate(of which I’m one). Keep it going mate!

  24. ontrashakotra says:

    I don’t check those jdavidb messages anymore, so I’m just now finding you again. I just now got the message.

  25. jenren87 says:

    it sucks about being deleted and all. Glad u messaged me though. I love the videos and updates u make about autism and whatnot (:

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