I talk аbουt tһе usefulness οf enzymes аחԁ probiotics аחԁ аƖѕο ɡο іחtο wһеrе jake іѕ now аѕ far аѕ diet іѕ concerned.

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19 Responses to “Autism Pt. 1 Enzymes Probiotics Supplements”
  1. amoryfresas says:

    We just added Kirkman enzymes to my daughter’s gfcf diet and I can tell they are starting to show their benefits only after two days of using them

  2. dexter91able says:

    I like this video. Some of the advantages of probiotics are enhance immune system, increases digestion ability, reduces lactose intolerance.

  3. Mamma2Mason says:

    We are just starting supplements, adding one in at a time so we can document if there is a change. We tried fish oil first- I don’t want to tell you how well he did because you will think I am lying! He went from 1 word to 10 words in two weeks! In one day he learned 4 new words. Your brain needs these supplements! Our kids really do have starving brains. We are now up to fish oil, a probiotic, and Vitamin C. Next week we are starting more. Whatever helps right!

  4. PhilCommander2 says:

    to be honest with you i havent used those types of supps for a few years now. I really dont know.
    I remember we did one capsule of the enzymes in his meal…one per meal.
    I dont think that the enzymes have a bad taste…but maybe you could find someone who is still giving them to their kid just to make sure.
    Thanks and GOODLUCK!!!

  5. to1430 says:

    Hi Phil…thanks for your helpful videos. Can you tell me if the Kirkman’s Enzym-complete II formula has a bad taste or odor when mixed with food? We use the Pro-Bio Gold probiotic (successfully) with our son and are going to be starting enzymes I just need to find a product that is tasteless. I have a VERY picky son that can smell and taste any change in his food. Also when you started the enzymes how much did you start with? Thanks

  6. Sassifrassilassi says:

    I ask you a lot of questions! Here I go again.. Do I need to use something to kill the yeast before I start giving Ruby the probiotics? Also, is Ruby is on the gfcf diet, does she need to take an enzyme with each meal? I’ve only been giving them to her if I think there might be traces of milk or wheat in her food. Thanks Phil!

  7. Doinkblink says:

    A good source for info about this is “Know the Cause” with Doug Kaufmann on the web. He talks about too much fungal and mold exposure. The low carb plan really helps. He is also on the NRB DirecTV ch 378 daily. This info is also very helpful in dealing with Autism.

  8. Doinkblink says:

    IMHO – Avoid fungul and yeast type foods such as grains, starchy foods, and many food that mold or leaven. And cut out sugars, i.e. sweets. That means quit the junk foods. Follow the Atkin’s low card protein plan. Also avoid corn and peanuts. Check out Know The Cause.

  9. Serge165 says:

    Michael Tsarion!!

  10. ky11e says:

    Use a search engine and search for FREQUENSEA.
    You may be pleasantly surprised.

  11. jon2xu says:

    you want to make em to tough, tough guys end up sleeping on their parents couch.

  12. jon2xu says:

    oooohhhh that funny powder,that other funny powder bad stuff.Definatly bad for evreyone.The impact on schools and communities can be devastating.Corruption from top to bottom.For me mucho regrets,major shame

  13. jon2xu says:

    wow,hi phil ,your son looks like he dosnt have too many fears ,climbing and jumping on the funiture.With all three kids in the footage-Russia,Winter and Jake ,by wacthing I couldnt tell you whicth one was autistic.

  14. cinderella4pcharming says:

    thanks phil…yeast is such a big problem for these kids

  15. PhilCommander2 says:

    no, we only took them for about a week…none of us saw or felt any change. if i were gonna do any one thing with the whole family id try the gfcf for a month.

  16. tiffsherwood says:

    that part had me rollin’ – thanks for the laugh

  17. tiffsherwood says:

    We take Houston here – and they take 3 different kinds – all 3 that they make -but I just compared the ingredients of all 3 with the 1 Kirkman’s – and Kirkman’s has the same (plus some) in JUST ONE PILL. It looks cheaper that way too. I’m going to get that kind next time around. Is the rest of the family still taking enzymes?

  18. PhilCommander2 says:

    as soon as i started doing that i was swept back about 18 years ago or so! i had good times and no regrets…they do rough it up. gotta get them tough!

  19. tripplehelix says:

    lol! They’re all very rough :P That’s a lot of white powder you got there!

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