critically acclaimed documentary film аbουt autism bу аח autistic film director. ‘autism reality’ іѕ a moving interview-based piece tһаt shows a חеw аחԁ refreshing side οf tһе issue. thank уου Dr. Temple Grandin! don’t press play unless уου һаνе 10 minutes tο spare (уου′ll want tο watch tһе whole thing)

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25 Responses to “autism reality”
  1. Turbolad995 says:

    The reality is different where I live. I get the impression that autistics – especially autistic adults, are hated and ignored by everyone. Everyone’s “too busy”, nobody contacts you and nobody wants to be your friend. You chat to someone online, they start talking to you – then for NO reason at all, they stop talking to you – nothing bad was said and you’ve done nothing wrong. It’s time that society treated autistics much better and not judge them on social mistakes they unknowingly make.

  2. DeityofStuff says:

    Besides your personal views, in the grand scale of things, girls are not more special than guys (and vice versa) on the grounds of gender or your sexual attraction to them. Try to focus on someones character or their arguements or their values or their interests, etc, rather than something they didn’t choose, like their biological gender.

  3. DeityofStuff says:

    I’m not taking it too seriously- I just think it was weird. However, I’ve always considered feminism to fall underneath the umbrella of humanism. Also, how come it’s okay for men to “have it all” (the family and the career) but somehow this is seen as a bad thing when women do it? I don’t get why people are getting their knickers in a twist about this. to be honest. My philosophy is do what you want as long as nobody is harmed by what you’re doing.

  4. VikingWarCry says:


    And the reason why girls are more special to me than guys would probably most certainly be because im an heterosexual male. Thats the best guess I can make :)

  5. VikingWarCry says:


    Feminism has nothing to do with human rights in my opinion. That would be a humanism, right? To me that specialness dissapears when girls/feminists wants to “eat one’s cake and have it too”. Btw, Im Swedish and not some muslim fundamentalist in the thirdworld

    My comments are actually not meant to be taken 100% seriously. My personal experiences with people that label themselves as feminists are not good and the word “ugly” has a negative meaning to me

  6. DeityofStuff says:

    WTF? Never said anything about relationships- I just don’t think gender is important.

    And by what standard do you consider the average girl to be more special when compared to the average guy? Also, why does that “specialness” get taken away when she values her human rights (feminism) or when you personally percieve her as ugly? Your comment was very strange to me.

  7. VikingWarCry says:


    Well, of course gender matters, I sure as hell dont have the same attitude towards girls as I have towards other men. Girls are special. Unless they are ugly, feminists or both.

    But you dont have to feel uncomfortable about all this because I did not find you attractive. And I got enough problems of my own, you and me just would not work. Sorry.

  8. DeityofStuff says:

    Heheh, I’ll take that as a compliment. You were talking about my own videos, right (and not just my faves)? If you think those vids are crazy, you should watch one of my older videos (that I wish I didn’t take down but took it down because there was a very obvious continuity error in it). Well, it features me coughing/vomiting buckets of fake blood and terrifying a sock puppet dog. As for my gender. why does it matter?

  9. VikingWarCry says:


    Oh really? I guess you have to figure that one out. Lets see how long it takes you to find the answer to that one. You dont really need a very high IQ for this one. GOOD LUCK!

  10. BuggZee says:

    Hmmm VikingWarCry…interesting you mentioned TheCrookedCorporation even though he didn’t post here. Your a troll fool.

  11. VikingWarCry says:


    Oh man, I found your page and watch some clips. You are fucking crazy! You really need to change that lens you talk about! btw, are you male or female? Even the name could be both.

  12. DeityofStuff says:

    cont… However, just because a minority believes in a conspiracy theory and the majority have disproven it, that doesn’t mean that the minority is right either on the grounds that they are a minority. Like you imply, it’s about facts.

    Anyway, personal experiences are subjective and like I said before, it’s not fair to say somebody’s perception of life deluded just because they are seeing it through a different lens and who is to say that something as subjective as an experience is wrong?

  13. DeityofStuff says:

    @ VikingWarCry

    That’s kind of a silly point to make, though. I mean, we could all be living in a giant computer program and being used as fuel by sentient robots. I understand your point, but I feel it’s a bit misguided. Also, I don’t agree that majority rules either. If the majority believed that the earth is flat when evidence shows that it’s not, that doesn’t make the earth flat. cont..

  14. VikingWarCry says:

    Me too. And I think “being too honest” should be listed as one of the good ones. But I know what you mean.

  15. TheReasonWhyGuy says:

    yeah true… : /
    I just have a bad habit of being too honest

  16. VikingWarCry says:


    What if people with AS sees the world as it is and all the rest are deluded? Im not a democrat and I dont believe in majority rules and all that crap. You shouldnt be so sure about what you actually believe is what it is. You could be a fucking crazy murderer and dont even know it! Watch the movie Shutter Island!

  17. VikingWarCry says:

    Dont ask so many questions, use the force Luke!

  18. VikingWarCry says:


    Dont bring maths in the equation, because maths is pretty much the only science that is bulletproof.

    Anybody who thinks 1+1=3 is obviously either a lier or have lost their mind.

  19. VikingWarCry says:


    I rather be a superhuman than a fucking primate.

  20. VikingWarCry says:


    Everybody get what they deserve in the long run. You probably had it coming.

  21. VikingWarCry says:


    Dont tell anyone about it?

  22. VikingWarCry says:


    Tourettes? Tourettes? Tourettes?

  23. VikingWarCry says:


    Alright, but do you have to write everything in CAPS?

  24. Mariotheplumber100 says:

    Temple Grandin looks like shit.

  25. stabtheimage says:

    i’m no neuroscientist, but as far as i can tell, nature doesn’t have a blueprint. in fact, the term “species” itself is very, very loose. the population might say we all have AS or autism in order to preserve their naive hopes that somehow humanity is concrete and timeless, but in actual fact we are just another amazing, beautiful and unique branch of primates.

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